Would you be willing to Would you be wil l ing to suppor t someone to change their life? If you are prepared to listen, be patient, and have your faith put to work then there are people with criminal convictions who need a mentor like you to support them to reach their goals and change their life. We offer training to enable individuals from churches to do this. Making a difference in the life of an ex-offender Imagine for a moment, how you might feel if you moved to a new town or city where you don’t know anyone, you have no job, you need to register with a GP because you have a health condition which needs a regular prescription, but you have no fixed abode…. and on top of all that you have a criminal conviction. These are some of the challenges ex-offenders face on release – even one or two of these would be tough for anyone, but for exoffenders these are layered over each other - which makes coming out of prison such a difficult and vulnerable time. Whilst offenders very much look forward to ‘life beyond the gate’ at the end of their sentence, they also have a lot of anxiety around how things will turn out for them. There are so many unknowns. • Will they find somewhere safe to live? • What if they get back in with the ’old crowd’ – or what they are sought out? • Will they find work? • Where will they get medical or mental health support if they need it? • How will they spend their time? • What will happened to their children, their partner and other relationships? 18

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