SATURDAY LUNCHES @ St. Marys Church Every Saturday from 12noon - 2pm Free light lunches of soup, sandwiches, tea/coffee, and biscuits. All are welcome. Christmas Party on the 18th December ALL IN THE MONTH OF DECEMBER 1500 years ago, on 7th December 521 that St Columba, Irish missionary who spread Christianity in Scotland, was born. He was one of the Twelve Apostles of Ireland. 250 years ago, on 25th December 1771 that Dorothy Wordsworth, writer, poet, and diarist, was born. She was sister to the poet William Wordsworth. 175 years ago, on 21 December 1846 that the first surgical operation in Europe using anaesthesia took place. Robert Liston amputated a servant’s leg at University College Hospital in London. 150 years ago, on 24th December 1871 that the world premiere of Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Aida, was held in Cairo, Egypt. 100 years ago, on 6th Dec 1921 that the Anglo-Irish Treaty was signed in London. 23 It ended the Irish War of Independence and established the Irish Free State (with effect from December 1922.) 80 years ago, on 7th December 1941 that the Japanese made their surprise bomb attack on Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. The USA, UK, Netherlands, New Zealand, and other countries declared war on Japan the following day. The War in Europe had now become a World War. 75 years ago, on 18th December 1946, that Steve Biko, South Africa antiapartheid activist, was born. Founder of the Black Consciousness Movement, he was beaten to death by state security officers in 1977, aged 30. 60 years ago, on 4th December 1961, that birth control pills became available on the NHS.

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