WELCOME RETURN We were delighted to return to Tiny Tots on Monday 6th September in glorious sunshine. We were able to play outside in the beautifully manicured fenced garden. It was a safe place for the children to play, with no litter, brambles or stinging nettles to worry about. This was much appreciated by children and adults involved. Thank you to Anita and her grandson, for such excellent work. Cynthia, Judith, Sue, Tom and John. From the Editor (Anita) I would just like to add to the above, Thomas, my grandson is working towards his Duke of Edinburgh Gold award and as part of the challenge he has to undertake some voluntary work, so asked about doing some work in our Church grounds. So the play area outside the link was a good place to start. As you see from the pictures, he had his work cut out, but glad to say that he did it with just a little bit of assistance from me. He will be back to do more, as the goal is to do it for a year, averaging an hour a week. The Link area took him roughly 5 hours. During Saturday Coffee Morning he did another couple of hours around the path area of the church. Still lots to do!!!! Just one final thing, thanks to Dave who on the following day cut the edges on the path, making it look a lot better. 17

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