HARVEST WORD SEARCH October brings us Harvest Thanksgiving, when we thank God for all the bounty of Creation. If you ever doubt God’s generosity towards us, just stroll down the aisles of your local supermarket: they are groaning with food of a vast variety, of every colour, texture and taste that you can imagine. Our God is a hedonist when it comes to food - He could have provided just a few basic edible things for us to eat; instead, the choice seems endless. But in the midst of all this bounty, take time to remember all the millions of people worldwide who are starving this month, desperate for any kind of food. Before God in prayer, decide how much you can give this month to one of the many charities who are trying to help people in need, and be generous. Supermarket Generosity Thanksgiving October Harvest bounty God creation charities desperate food vast variety edible choice pray give eat help endless millions starving 24

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