FROM THE EDITOR This months magazine has been printed earlier than usual, so apologises that the rota’s are not all in place. People will be notified when they are on duty. I hope all is well with everyone, and that you are all still taking care and staying safe as we all go about our daily lives with less restrictions in place. It’s good to see that our young Choir+ is restarting, so if you know of any children over the age of 7, and they like to sing, then get them to pop along to the church to see if they would like to join. They do have a fun time. The deadline for the November issue will be Sunday 10th October. If you know of any Christmas (sorry) events taking place that our readers would like to see, just email me the information to [email protected] or give me a call on 0117 3079117. Take care and stay safe. ANSWERS TO THIS MONTHS CROSSWORD & SUDOKU’S 26 E A S Y M E D I U M ACROSS 1 dare; 3 cherubim; 9 son Tohu; 10 yield; 11 ranch; 12 enlist; 14 Baalah of Judah; 17 Edward; 19 Sheol; 22 media; 23 open air; 24 apostasy; 25 Eton DOWN1 describe; 2 run in; 4 household gods; 5 royal; 6 blessed; 7 MIDI; 8 Joshua; 13 children; 15 added to; 16 Jasper; 18 await; 20 exalt; 21 YMCA

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