OCTOBER PRAYERS ✤We continue to pray for our nation as it seeks the best way ahead regarding the Covid pandemic. We remember planners, advisors and politicians as profound decisions are made, and we continue to pray for our NHS, caring for the Covid sick and managing health care for all during this ongoing crisis. Remembering all who are ill, especially those known to us, we ask for healing and peace ✤We remember too all those countries where, as yet very few are vaccinated, and very many are vulnerable. Open the hearts of the rich countries in the world, to ensure everyone is protected. ✤We thank you Lord for all your bounty in the harvest. Help us not to spoil it by greed and exploitation so that all may have sufficient and to live more in harmony with this good earth. ✤ For Afghanistan: Lord, we remember all men, women and children in that country who are afraid, who are hungry, who are persecuted. Help us Lord, to show kindness and compassion to all refugees. ✤ For Haiti: Help the people of Haiti, suffering their second major earthquake in a decade, to recover. Sustain all the international agencies offering help. ✤ Climate Change: We pray for the COP 26 summit meeting taking place in Glasgow, at the end of October, that they will come to an agreement on uniting the world in tackling climate change. “Creator God, giver of life, You sustain the earth and direct the nations. In the time of climate crisis grant us clarity to hear the groaning of creation and the cries of the poor; challenge us to change our lifestyles; guide our leaders to take courageous action; enable your church to be a beacon of hope; and foster within us a renewed vision of your purpose for your world; Through Jesus Christ our Lord, by and for whom all things were made. Amen” (Prayer the Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell) 7

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