B E N E F I C E M A G A Z I N E ASCENSION DAY 13th May PENTECOST 23rd May MAY 2021 ALL SAINTS Grove Road, Fishponds, Bristol www.allsaintsfishponds.co.uk “Come Gather, Come Worship, Come As You Are” ST. MARY’S Manor Road, Fishponds, Bristol Holding Together In Hope www.stmarysfishponds.org.uk 70p TRINITY SUNDAY 30th May

All Saints Church Fishponds DONATE* Please help us to keep the Church, Hall and Grounds safe for safe for this and future use. You can donate in the following way TEXT HQJB01 to 70331 to give £3 HQJB01 to 70970 to give £5 HQJB01 to 70191 to give £10 OR GO TO http://easydonate.org/HQJB01 *Your donation will be processed and administered by the National Funding Scheme, operating DONATE, a charity registered in England and Wales (1149800) and Scotland (SC045106). In addition to any text donation, you will incur your standard network message charge (based on your service provider rates). *For Terms and Conditions, see www.easydonate.org St. Mary’s Church Fishponds Giving Our church is funded almost entirely by donations and fund raising. We provide several different ways of giving to enable people to give in a way that they are happy with. Some do standing orders and the envelope scheme. For those who don’t carry cash anymore, or who have forgotten their wallet we have a card reader in church which can take card payments including contactless, apple pay and google pay. We are also able to take card payments over the phone. Or you can go to our Website and to the donation page and click on our PayPal link to make a donation. Beavers Monday’s 6.15pm Tel: 0117 958 4164 Contacts for Scouting Groups Cubs Thursday’s 6.45pm East Bristol Partnership Office Co-ordinator Amy Donaldson Tel: 0117 958 6412 Email: [email protected] Web site: www.ebpbristol.org.uk 2 Scouts Thursday’s 8.00pm Tel: 078 5452 0595 www.13thbristolscouts.uk You can scan this code bar to take you to the donate site

CONTACTS for the BENEFICE of ALL SAINTS CHURCH & ST. MARY’S CHURCH Vicar Revd. Lizzie Kesteven - Tel: 0117 965 0856 Curate Revd. Janey Hiller - Tel: 0117 239 0625 Ordinand Diane Simms - Tel: 0117 951 8419 Lay Reader Mark Simms - Tel: 0117 951 8419 Church Warden Church Warden PCC Secretary PCC Treasurer Baptisms Weddings/Funerals Contacts for All Saints Church Elaine Seretny Nigel Heath Chris Whitehead Tam Pearce Helen Whitehead Anita Lavis Safeguarding Officers Helen Whitehead - Tel: 0117 965 4697 Jenny Macey - Tel: 0117 951 8127 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Contacts for St. Mary’s Church Church Warden Mary Ewing Church Warden PCC Secretary PCC Treasurer Baptisms Matt Timms Mary Ewing Sue Godfrey Tel: 0117 382 6324 Tel: 0117 932 5936 Hannah Gazeley Email: [email protected] Email:[email protected] Email: [email protected] Weddings/Funerals Amy Donaldson Email: [email protected] Safeguarding Officers Kate Hancocks & Clare Munoz 3 Email: [email protected] Tel: 0117 902 5257 Tel: 0117 965 2893 Tel: 0117 965 4697 Tel: 078 0098 7672 Tel: 0117 965 4697 Tel: 0117 307 9117

The Revd Canon Paul Hardingham from Parish Pump, considers how the Holy Spirit can change our lives. Pentecost The celebration of Pentecost this month could be described as a birthday party for the Church, as we remember the gift of the Holy Spirit to the first disciples (Acts 2:1-13). What are we celebrating? God’s Promise: The disciples obeyed Jesus’ instructions as they gathered in the Upper Room: ‘Do not leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift my Father promised’ (1:4). They met expectantly in prayer for God’s promised gift. Just as we look forward to birthday presents, how eager are we to receive more of the Spirit in our lives? God’s Power: ‘All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit’ (4). The disciples needed the power of the Spirit to be different: not fearfully gathered behind locked doors, but energised to make Christ known. The Spirit can transform our lives into the likeness of Jesus and give gifts to equip our witness. Although the disciples’ experience of this power was overwhelming, it was essentially an encounter with God’s love. For us, this can be equally emotional or quiet, but all are included, and nobody is excluded from this experience. 4

God’s Purpose: The disciples ‘began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.’ (4). The Spirit empowered their witness, so that everyone heard them speaking in their own ‘native language’ (lit: dialect, v8). We all have a story to tell of God’s activity in our lives and it’s the Spirit who translates our words and actions into a language that those around can understand! At Pentecost, 3,000 people were added to the church in one day! What do we expect of the Spirit in our day? ‘Let the Church return to Pentecost, and Pentecost will return to her. The Spirit of God cannot take possession of believers beyond their capacity of receiving Him’ (Andrew Murray). Prayer for Pentecost Loving Father God, Thank you for sending your Holy Spirit; Your Spirit who knows no restrictions or barriers; Your Spirit who can reach us and be with us and in us, wherever we are, whatever our circumstances; Your Spirit who comforts and heals and empowers us to live with confidence that, ultimately, all shall be well; Your Spirit who connects us, through the life, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Because of Jesus’ victory over death we have hope and life forever. Thank you, loving Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen. By Daphne Kitching 5

READINGS FOR MAY 2nd Fifth Sunday of Easter (White) Acts 8: 26 - end; 1 John 4: 7 - end; John 15: 1 - 8. 9th Sixth Sunday of Easter (White) Acts 10: 44 - end; 1 John 5: 1 - 6; John 15: 9 - 17. Ascension Day Acts 1: 1 - 11; Ephesians 1: 15 - 2nd; Luke 24: 44 - end. 16th Seventh Sunday after Easter (White) (Sunday after Ascension Day) Acts 1: 15 -17, 21 - end; 1 John 5: 9 - 13; John 17: 6 - 19. 23rd Pentecost (Red) Acts 2: 1 - 21; Romans 8: 22 - 27; John 15: 26 - 27, 16: 4 - 15. 30th Trinity Sunday (White) Isaiah 6: 1 - 8; Romans 8: 12 -17; John 3: 1 - 17. 6th June First Sunday after Trinity (Green) Genesis 3: 8 - 15; 2 Corinthians 4: 13 - 5: 1; Mark 12: 38 - end. OUR CHURCH DOORS ARE OPEN FOR PRIVATE PRAYER You are very welcome to go along to ALL SAINTS CHURCH on a Wednesday, 10am - 11am or ST. MARY’S on a Thursday, 10am - 11am We ask, when entering the church, to wear face covering if possible and to follow the guide lines once inside. 6

MAY PRAYER PAGE ✤ We pray for all areas of the world where there is tension and violence. Especially for Russia and the Ukaraine, Yemen, Myanmar and North Korea. Dear Lord bring peace to all these countries. ✤ We remember the Muslim people of western China, the Uighurs, and people throughout the world who are unjustly oppressed. ✤ We remember Brazil, suffering hugely over COVID. Bring wisdom to the government there. ✤ We thank God that in the UK the vaccination programme and other measures have been reducing the incidence and deaths from COVID. We pray that, as society opens up more and more, people will remain vigilant, and will consider, “other,” at all times. ✤ We thank God for the amazing work of the NHS, scientists, the uniformed services, the logisticians, Local and National government, the private and public sectors for the amazing things they have achieved over the last 15 months to keep us safe, and beat back the pandemic. ✤ We pray for churches in their ministry to their communities in this time. We thank God for the signs of spiritual new life, and the willingness of people to, “let go,” of things no longer so relevant as they were, and to take on new things more in keeping with the world as it is now. ✤ We pray for countries where there are not the resources, the will and the understanding to defeat this pandemic. Help us to understand, that until all are protected, none are protected. Help the World Health Organisation to work with all countries, so that the vaccines is available to all as soon as it is needed. 7

IMPORTANT DATE FOR YOUR DIARIES Sunday 16th May 2021 Annual Parochial Church Meeting after 10.30am Service Yes it’s that time again when we hear and read about what our Church has been doing this past year. It is also the time for us to propose and elect our next wardens and for Parochial Church Council Members. If you are interested in being a Warden or on the Parochial Church Council please speak to Revd Lizzie, also Elaine or Nigel who are our current wardens. As in previous years we like to make up a booklet of reports from groups and organisations, even though at different times of the year we have been in lock down we would still like a report on what you did or didn’t do. Think of it as a historic information for the future. So please send to me, [email protected] your reports by Sunday 2nd May, so that they can be produced before the Annual Parochial Church Meeting. Colin Hammacott praises the wonderful everyday blessing that anyone of us can give. Be kind to each other ‘And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.’ (Matthew 10:42) During the Covid-19 pandemic, there have been thousands of shining examples up and down the country of people going the extra mile to help the elderly, vulnerable and those at risk. 8

The helpers have been shopping, cooking meals, making regular telephone calls, and checking that needs are being met. We must sincerely hope that these acts of kindness will continue well beyond the coronavirus outbreak. Simple acts of kindness are so important in cementing the fabric of our society. Some years ago, this thought inspired the following poem: A Brighter Tomorrow There is much we can do just to brighten This world of all take and no give There’s a great deal that we can contribute Through the everyday lives that we live. By supporting one’s elderly neighbours Or through lending a hand in some way It’s by taking a bunch of spring flowers To someone to brighten their day. It’s by sparing a few precious hours In the service of those most in need It’s all about setting a standard And trying to give others a lead It’s the way that we tend to treat others And help and aid folks in distress It’s the care and assistance we offer That will set us apart from the rest. The choice that we face is quite simple The rewards plain for all men to see ‘As you did all of this to my brother Then’ said Christ, ‘you did it to Me.’ By Colin Hammacott (Parish Pump) 9

EVERY - LAST - DROP With every gift we help people like Rose and stop this climate crisis. This climate crisis hurts us all. But people living in poverty have the worst of it every day, From drought to flooding, climate change robs people of control over their lives. Extreme weather means people like Rose are struggling to survive without a reliable source of water. Your gift could help a community build an earth dam, so when the rains do come, they will have water they need to live. A reliable source of water will help families withstand long droughts or relentless rainstorms. In April’s issue there was a little piece about Rose who is a 60 year old grandmother and who collects water ever day, a walk off 6 hours just to fetch water for her family. She says “Because I am old, I can’t walk very fast. When I get home I just rest in the evening. I have no energy to do anything else”. With a reliable source of water, people like Rose would be free from long, painful journeys. They would be able to grow fresh vegetables to eat. And they would be able to protect themselves from the dangers of coronavirus. With such dire need, every last drop of water that falls in Rose’s community is precious. Your gifts could help communities build better earth dams to harvest more water to help put a stop to this climate crisis. People like Rose need every last drop to survive this climate crisis. Your gifts will help ensure they can. Give today and help ensure people like Rose have the water they need to live. 10

‘COLUMBUS’ at your service For all those jobs that you haven’t the time to do!! Window Cleaning Painting ~ Plumbing Carpentry Gardening ~ Decorating Ring for a FREE quote Tel: 0117 939 0529 Mobile: 07954 161 210 “After a year of working from home, Anthony will seize any opportunity to put on a suit”. Need accounts prepared for your business? Need a Self Assessment Tax Return completed? WE CAN HELP! H & F ACCOUNTANCY For all your tax and accountancy needs. We do payroll and VAT too! Sarah Hendy 0117 951 7615 11 Reasonable rates. Telephone Frank FitzGibbon 0117 932 9321

COFFEE BREAK TIME (Answers on page 26) Across 1. Sense of right and wrong (1 Corinthians 8:7) (10) 7. Coming (John 11:17) (7) 8. ‘All I have is — , and all you have is mine’ (John 17:10) (5) 10.Smarten (Acts 9:34) (4) 11. Hold back (Job 9:13) (8) 13.Member of the Society of Friends (6) 15.At ague (anag.) (6) 17.Citizen of the Greek capital (8) 18.So be it (Galatians 6:18) (4) 21.Twentieth-century poet and dramatist who wrote Murder in the Cathedral, T.S. — (5) 22.Empowers (Philippians 3:21) (7) 23. Imposing (1 Samuel 9:2) (10 12

Down 1. Healed (Luke 7:21) (5) 2. Central space in a church (4) 3. Co-founder of Spring Harvest and General Secretary of the Evangelical Alliance 1983–97, Clive — (6) 4. Moses killed one when he saw him beating a Hebrew labourer (Exodus 2:12) (8) 5. Bravery (Acts 4:13) (7) 6. It interrupted Paul and Silas singing hymns in a Philippian jail (Acts 16:26) (10) 9. Transgression (Psalm 36:1) (10) 12. Irish province in which Dublin is situated (8) 14.Same hit (anag.) (7) 16. ‘The Spirit of God was hovering over the — ’ (Genesis 1:2) (6) 19.Author of the immortal stories of Winnie the Pooh, A.A. - (5) 20.Cab (4) EASY SUDOKU PUZZLES (Answers on page 26) MEDIUM 13

All Saints Services and 2nd DUTY TIME 8.00am Services 10.30am Wardens Parish Street 8.00am 10.30am Holy Communion with Revd Lizzie & Revd Janey - D. Williams Marlborough Gardens St Mary’s Services 2nd DUTY TIME 10.00am Services 6.30pm Evening Prayer - Mark & Revd Janey Date for St. Mary’s Annual Church Parochial Church Meeting Taking place after the 10am service on Sunday 9th May Time to hear about the life of the Church and to elect wardens 14 5th Sunday of Easter - - E. Seretny / G. Smith - Marlborough Street 9th 6th Sunday of Easter Holy Communion With Revd Janey Revd Lizzie 5th Sunday of Easter - 9th 6th Sunday of Easter Holy Communion with Diane, Revd Lizzie & Revd Janey

TIME 8.00am 10.30am 8.00am 16th Duty Rota for May 23rd 7th Sunday of Easter - Holy Communion with Revd Janey & Diane - 10.30am E. Seretny / N. Heath Marlborough Court TIME 10.00am 6.30pm 16th 7th Sunday of Easter - Holy Communion With Revd Lizzie & Diane Mondays - 8.15am Zoom Morning Prayer Email [email protected] For log on details 15 Pentecost Holy Communion with Revd Janey & Revd Lizzie - N. Heath / S. Cook - Midland Terrace for May 23rd Pentecost Holy Communion with Revd Janey & Revd Lizzie - 30th Trinity - Zoom Cafe Church with Diane & Chris - - New Buildings 30th Trinity - Holy Communion With Revd Lizzie & Revd Janey Wednesdays - 9.00am Zoom Celtic Morning Prayer Contact Mark for details 0117 951 8419

kitchens Bathrooms Wetrooms loft conversations From concept to completion for all aspects of home build & renovation [email protected] 07748 397329 local family business J. B. LANDSCAPES General Build and Maintenance James Bufton Qualified Landscaper Tel: 0117 939 1316 Mob: 07792 097 234 [email protected] www.jblandscapesbristol.co.uk A family run business. 16 Nick Tuftnell Counsellor Fully qualified BACP registered and based locally 07988 136267 tangate-counselling.co.uk [email protected]

Beware the use-by date Nobody likes to throw food away, but if you ignore the use by dates and go by smell alone, you can risk serious illness. So warns the Food Standards Agency. In a recent study, the regulator found that half of us do not always check use-by dates. Many of us still smell the milk to see if it is still okay, and even Theresa May, the former Prime Minister, has admitted to scraping the mould off jam in order to cut waste. The agency has warned that some Britons who actively ignore use-by dates could risk being hospitalised. Use-by dates are carefully calculated by assessing bacteria on food which could multiply to make them ill. A spokesman for the agency said: “It’s great that consumers are trying to minimise food waste, but there are lots of ways to do that without gambling with your health, such as planning your meals ahead of time, checking what you have in the fridge is close to its use-by date, and freezing food right up until the use-by dates.” Sadly, there are around 2.4million cases of food poisoning each year, and 180 deaths. (From the editor, I have to admit to being one of these people that at some time or another, I have looked at the use by date, and maybe it’s just out, but will still smelt and taste a bit to see if it’s okay. Naughty me!) TINY TOTS This group might be starting back later in the month, so please keep a look out on their Facebook page for details. 17

THE DASH WAS DONE!!! At least I hope it was. At the time of going to print and getting the May issue out Lizzie and Flo had not done the run, but I am sure as sure that they will do it. Lizzie and Flo are / were running from Bath Royal Crescent to Fishponds, a half marathon for their favourite charities, which you can still donate to if you wish. Details below for on line donations or you can give your donation to Lizzie or Flo in Church on a Sunday or if they are not there your donations can be given to a warden who will pass it on. LIZZIE – CHRISTIAN AID https://giving.tapsimple.org/online/christian-aid/making-adash-for-it FLO - SELF INJURY SUPPORT https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Florence-Weston LETTER OF THANKS John recently received a letter thanking everyone for their donations of games and toys to the Young Carers. These were all donated during our Nativity Trial, but only now have they been able to accept them. On the following page is the letter that John received for you to read and also some information for you to look up to see if you can help out in other ways. 18

9th April 2021 Dear John Bristol & South Gloucestershire I am writing to thank you and your members for the very generous donation of games for Bristol and South Gloucestershire Young Carers. We know the young carers will be hugely appreciative of these gifts. Caring is a huge responsibility and Covid 19 has increased the burden on young carers and their families. Toys and games are welcome entertainment for young carers to take time for themselves to play and have time out from caring. We have managed to adapt our services over the last year and been able to continue to provide 1:1 support and activities online. Though some young carers have struggled many have responded positively to the support offered. As government guidance changes, we are able to begin offering some face to face support for the young carers and their families. Thank you for the part that you and your members play in helping us to continue to support young carers whatever the circumstances we have to deal with. Please do pass on our thanks and share this letter. We will add your name to our supporters e-bulletin. One of the things we are promoting in the ebulletin is our link to the Co-op. It’s a great scheme, where anyone who shops in a Co-op – anywhere in the country – can help raise funds for young carers. Kind regards, Joss Tagg (Young Carers Service Manager) Bristol & Gloucestershire Young Carers Carers Support Centre Vassal Centre | Gill Avenue | Fishponds | Bristol | BS16 2QQ Tel: 0117 939 2562 | www.carersupportcentre.org.uk Company No. 3377199 | Registered Charity No. 1063226 19

CHURCHYARD GARDENING GROUP at ST. MARY’S Every Monday from10am till 12noon A group meet up to do a spot of gardening and tidying up in the grounds. You are very welcome to come along and join us, but please bring your own refreshments and to social distance when gardening. ALL IN THE MONTH OF MAY 200 years ago, on 5th May 1821 that Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France (1804 – 1815) died of stomach cancer. He was in exile on the island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic, aged 51. 175 years ago, on 30th May 1846 that Peter Carl Fabergé was born. This Russian goldsmith and jeweller was best known for his fabulously decorated Fabergé eggs. 100 years ago, on 3rd May 1921 that Ireland was divided into Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland (now known as the Republic of Ireland). Also on 15th May, that the British Legion was founded. 20 90 years ago, on 1st May 1931 that the Empire State Building in New York City was officially opened. 80 years ago, on 1st–7th May 1941 that the German Blitz on Liverpool left nearly 3,000 dead and 70,000 homeless. Liverpool was the second most heavily targeted British city, after London. On 10th May 1941 that the last major attack on London during the Blitz caused heavy damage to many important buildings, including the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St James Palace and Lambeth Palace, several railway stations and hospitals, the British Museum and the Old Bailey.

More than 1,300 people were killed on one night. At one point during the Blitz, London was bombed for 57 nights in a row. 75 years ago, on 11th May 1946 that the first CARE packages for Europe arrived in Le Havre to help peple who were starving after WWII. The first CARE packages were actually surplus US Army rations. 70 years ago, on 3rd May 1951 that the Festival of Britain and the Royal Festival Hall in London were opened. The aim of the Festival was to lift the nation’s spirits by celebrating British industry, arts and science. On 9th May 1951 that the Lake District National Park was established. It was Britain’s second national park. 65 years ago, on 24th May 1956 that the first Eurovision Song Contest was held in Lugano, Switzerland. It was won by Switzerland. 60 years ago, on 1st May 1961 that betting away from racecourses was legalised in the UK and the first betting 21 shops opened. On 28th May 1961 that Amnesty International was founded in London. 40 years ago, on 13th May 1981 that Pope John Paul II was shot and seriously wounded by a Turkish gunman in an assassination attempt in St Peter’s Square, Vatican City. 30 years ago, on 16th May 1991 that Queen Elizabeth II became the first British monarch to address the US Congress. 25 years ago, on 30th May 1996 that Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and his wife Sarah, Duchess of York, were divorced. 20 years ago, on 7th May 2001 that Great Train Robber Ronnie Biggs returned to the UK from Brazil where he had lived as a fugitive for 36 years. He was immediately arrested and sent to prison to complete his sentence. Released on compassionate grounds in 2009, he died in 2013.

WORD SEARCH (Words to find are in italic in through the article) Rogation Sunday The first Sunday in May is Rogation Sunday. This is when many parishes still ‘beat the bounds’. Rogation means an asking of God - for blessing on the seed and land. The practice began with the Romans, who processed around the cornfields each Spring, singing and dancing, sacrificing animals, in order to get rid of evil. About 465 AD the Western world was suffering from earthquake and storm. Mamertius, Bishop of Vienne, aware of the pagan custom, ordered that prayers should be said in the ruined or neglected fields. Thus ‘beating the bounds’ became a Christian ceremonial. It arrived in England early in the eighth century. Each Spring, led by the priest, a little party from the parish would set out with a Cross to trace the boundaries of the parish. They’d implore God to keep their corn and roots and boughs in good health, and bring them to harvest. In the days when maps were scarce, ‘beating the bounds’ helped remind everyone just where the boundaries were. Do you know yours today? 22

SATURDAY LUNCHES @ St. Marys Church Serving light lunches from the main door of Church on the following Saturdays, 8th & 22nd May, 12noon - 2pm Please remember to observe social distancing ONLINE Conference Saturday 8th May: 9.30am -1.30pm Saturday 22nd May: 9.30am - 1.30pm Living in Love and Faith are resources which are now available from the Church of England, which are helping to discern at this point in time for the Church its understanding of identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage. The conference is open to everyone on the above dates, booking is free and can be done by through EVenbrite via https://bristoldiocese.eventbrite.co.uk. For young people from year 7 and upwards. To meet to talk, learn, pray and have fun together. 1st Sunday of the Month - 7.15pm For information contact Nigel on 0117 965 2893 or Revd. Lizzie The shin bone is a device for finding furniture in the dark. 23

Comfortable Words – a Call to Restoration by Stephen Croft. BRF £7.99 Nine reflections on Isaiah to bring hope in challenging times. ‘Comfort, O comfort my people, says your God…’. Through nine reflections Steven Croft, Bishop of Oxford, examines what these ‘comfortable words’ have to say to us. The prophet sings of love and forgiveness, of new hope and strength in God, to rekindle courage in the hearts of God’s people. The prophet sings of a new kind of leadership, based on humility and gentleness. The prophet sings to tell us not to be afraid even in the face of death. These are comfortable words the whole world needs to hear afresh in this season. Babies and Toddlers – nurturing your child’s spiritual life by Rachel Turner, BRF. £4.99 Our children’s early years are incredibly significant in shaping their mental, emotional and spiritual lives for the future. So how do we sow seeds of faith, when they are still so young? In this book Rachel Turner suggests simple, everyday approaches to help our children connect with the God who knows them. Wherever you are on your faith journey, you can help your child meet and know God, and however young your child is, God loves them and has promises for them. How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People by Pete Greig. Journeying through the Lord's Prayer, this down-to-earth introduction to life's greatest adventure will guide you deeper in your relationship with God, helping you to become more centred and still, clearer in discerning God's voice, more able to make sense of your disappointments and more expectant for miraculous breakthroughs too. It's full of honest, hard-won wisdom interspersed with real-life stories - some humorous, others moving - to equip and inspire your prayer life. If you have a Kindle or a Kobis it can be purchased for £3.99 instead of £13+ from a book shop. 24

FROM THE EDITOR I have recently been give copies of the All Saints Magazine dating back to 1965, but also 3 very small ones of 2 sheets, dated June & September 1959 and January 1960. I have scanned through the copies from1965 to1989 and found them most interesting. This piece below I felt was a must to share. It was written by the Revd Vittle. The biggest impact on me, on looking through these magazines, was how high the attendance was in the early days, I was quite astounded. Will share another time. (Continue on page 26) 25

FROM THE EDITOR (Continued) What was also noticeably, and here nothing changes, and that was there was always appeals for more volunteers for the cleaning, brass, flower rota etc. plus asking for articles to fill the magazine. So with that last little bit, it just leaves me to ask for you to send any articles to me by Wednesday 12th May to [email protected] I have given you all a few more extra days, to help you out. Now from last month, how many of you went through the magazine to see how many eggs you could find? The number of coloured eggs were —— 42, but there was one other that was broken in half, so if you counted that one the total would be 43. Did you get it right? One final thing, now that every thing is about to open up, please take care and if possible continue to keep safe and take care. ANSWERS TO THIS MONTHS CROSSWORD & SUDOKU’S 26 E A S Y M E D I U M ACROSS: 1 Conscience; 7 Arrival; 8 Yours; 10 Tidy; 11 Restrain; 13 Quaker; 15 Gateau; 17 Athenian; 18 Amen; 21 Eliot; 22 Enables; 23 Impressive. DOWN: 1 Curved; 2 Nave; 3 Calver; 4 Egyptian; 5 Courage; 6 Earthquake; 9 Sinfulness; 12 Leinster; 14 Atheism; 16 Waters;19 Milne; 20Taxi.

Roles & Contacts for All Saints Church Parochial Church Council Members Luci Heath Anita Lavis Tam Pearce Mark Simms Diane Simms John Waldren Alison Wren Elisa Williams Chris Whitehead Dave Williams Deanery Synod Representatives Chris Whitehead Tel: 0117 965 4697 Tiny Tots John Waldren Tel: 0117 956 3208 Gift Aid Chris Whitehead Anita Lavis Mike Lavis Vacant Junior Church Lizzie Kesteven Tel: 0117 965 0856 Electoral Roll Helen Whitehead Tel: 0117 965 4697 Tel: 0117 307 9117 Tel: 0117 965 4697 Magazine Editor / Adverts Tel: 0117 307 9117 Hall Booking Secretary Elisa Williams Tel: 079 7395 3445 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Roles & Contacts for St. Marys Church Matt Timms Pete Walker Hannah Gazeley Sam Toogood Director of Music / Choir John Anson Tel: 0117 962 2093 General Enquiries Matt Timms [email protected] 27 Parochial Church Council Members John Ewing Edward Gleed Deanery Synod Representatives Leigh Cooper Wives Group Jean Button Tel: 0117 965 0218 Notes / News / Weekly Sheet Sam Toogood [email protected] Bob Bartlett Andrew Cooper

Do you need somewhere to hold a celebration or meeting? ALL SAINTS COMMUNITY HALL Part of the Parish of All Saints Church Could be your answer It can cater for small or medium size function. Has kitchen facilities, plus adequate on site parking Our rates are very competitive. For details please contact Elisa Tel: 0117 9584164 / 07973 953445 Or visit our web site: www.allsaintsfishponds.co.uk You are very welcome to view before booking. 28

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