ABSTRACTS Moiseyev V.I. Ego as subject invariant The article develops the project of the philosophy of neoallunity as a theory of invariance on the structure of regions in subject ontology. In particular, the phenomenon of the ego as the source of its emanations is described, the stages of ego’ development are investigated, the mathematical model of feeling as -values is constructed, stages of ego’development are interpreted as different types of -values. A justification of subjective immortal nature of the ego is also introduced. At the end, an example of the interpretation of the ego as eigenvalue for some subject operators is described. Voytsekhovich V.E. United Culture is the attractor of the evolution of homo sapiens The most important part of the evolution of man is a cognition. It goes through the stages of generalization in the direction of more general knowledge, finally to a United Knowledge which is on the border of information. Climbing is manifested in the development of science, philosophy, religion, art, morality. As a consequence, (common) culture of humanity is arising. It manifests itself in social protocods based on fundamental scientific constants and the anthropic principle. Borchikov S.A. Сontribution of transcendental philosophy (including Kant and S.L. Katrechko) in the metaphysics of the protolevel. An impact of Kant’s ideas on the modern metaphysical studies within the framework of neoallunity philosophy is viewed in this article. The author gives a general scheme of epistemology and justifies the place of the transcendental shift and transcendental perspective in this scheme. He links this scheme with three ontological regions: existence, being and essence, that allows us to get closer to the concept of the protocode's self-form. Podzolkova N.A. Man in search of the self-form: transformations of the spiritual orientation Using the epistemological categories "form", "matter" and "content", the author analyzes the mechanism of becoming of the "self-form of human" as a new form, which clarify the unfinished process of spiritual evolution of the mankind. Using the concept of "integral gnoseology" as a set of the antinomian approaches in cognition, the author postulates a theory of "the developing Absolute" as a possible realization of the "self-form of human". Eltsova O.I., Nabilskaja O.V., Shashkov I.I. About the thinking process simulation in CR-psychology There are some Models of thinking owned by modern researchers. The integrated Model of thinking is offered, this model is realized through the unity of fullness of linear and cyclic models of thinking. Shashkov I.I. I.A.Shcheblev. Rationale for quantum-integrated approach under consciousness modeling The article shows that sufficient, unambiguous, and full consciousness modeling is possible under the fullness of integral-quantum approach. The authors conducted relevant justification by starting out from the notions of discreteness and continuity, as well as on the basis of fulfillment of integrated criteria of consciousness model adequacy. 6 a united

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