History Of Badminton • Games like badminton have been played across Eurasia for centuries. • The modern version of badminton was developed by British officers in the mid-19th century in British India. • Badminton became popular first in Poona a town in India when it was part of the British colony and it was mostly played by British military officers. • The Badminton World Federation (BWF) was founded in 1934 which is the international governing body of badminton.

The Court

Some Of The First Badminton Courts, Badminton Shuttlecocks And Badminton Racquets Shuttlecock

Badminton Courts, Badminton Shuttlecocks And Badminton Racquets Now Shuttlecock

The Team Singles game • Badminton can be played in singles (1 person against another person) or in doubles (2 people against another 2 people). Each person or doubles team has to try and get more points than the other person or double. Doubles games

Winning In Badminton • In badminton you have to hit the shuttlecock over the net with your racquet. • A match is made up of best of 3 sets meaning that you need to win 2 sets to win a match. • To win a set you need to get 21 points. • You earn a point if your opponent fails to hit the shuttlecock before it lands on the floor, or if your opponent hits the shuttlecock into the net or outside of the parameters. • To win the point the shuttlecock must land within the parameters.

Rules • A fault is given if a player hits the net with a part of their body or with the racquet and the opponent earns the point. • A fault is also given if a player distracts his opponent on purpose, the shuttlecock is hit more than once or the shuttlecock gets caught in the racquet or hand and is flung. • A let is when the game stops and the last serve is not counted. This serve will then be replayed. This can happen if a server served out of turn, a player was not ready or if the referees or not sure if the shuttle cock landed in or out of the parameters. • These decisions are taken(umpired) by a referee on a high chair. • If the shuttlecock is ‘live’ a player can hit it from outside of the playing area. • A serve must be hit from under the waist.

Time • A match is about an hour long. • When the leading score reaches 11 points both players get a 60 second time out. • A 2 minute break is allowed between each game.

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