magazine called SARX, and had the privilege of being a speaker on the first interfaith panel at London VegFest. Although I have been pioneering for many years, even before I began my journey to ordination, I was always reflecting on the question: “What does it mean for me to be a priest to these people in this place at this time?” The last year with Covid-19 has certainly been a ‘funny one’ in terms of how I have answered that question! Many of the connections, conversations and outlets I have been involved with as a pioneer have been closed or laid dormant. I have really missed my ‘cultural tribe’ on the margins. But, the upside of that has been the opportunity and the joy of spending more time getting the know the wonderful people of All Saints and St Mary’s and building relationships and connections in new ways with you all. Well, that is a bit of whistle-stop tour of pioneering! I hope that has been interesting, and if you want to ask me anything else, please do grab me after a service, or drop me an email on [email protected] Celebrating 200 Years with St Marys This year in 2021 we celebrate the Bi Centennial of St Marys (Trinity Chapel) It has been a place of Christian worship in Fishponds one that has seen baptisms, festivals, harvests, weddings and burials for 200 years. So on the weekend of Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of September 2021 we will have a programme of an exhibition, tours, music, recitals, cream teas, colouring competitions and worship. We would love you to join us, celebrate with us. Save the date in your diaries. If you have any photographs of St Marys then we would love to see them and scan them so they could form part of our exhibition. Please email Mary Ewing at [email protected] or Tel: 07799 108890 so we can let you know how to join in, or post to Rev. Lizzie Kesteven at 11 Vicars Close, Fishponds, BS16 3TH. Any photos that you want to be returned , please supply a name and address so we can return them to you. 10

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