EASY SUDOKU PUZZLES (Answers on page 26) MEDIUM Food & Drink SAVE THE DATE! Clothing When is chocolate good, and when is it really good? We have learned a lot about the environmental impacts of the things we buy, but do you ever wonder about the other impacts on people and creation of how things are made, or what they are made of? Come along to our Ethical Buying Workshop at All Saints on Saturday 18th September when we will explore some of the ethics of a typical ‘shopping basket’ for our churches and homes. You will get the chance to try some products – including chocolate! - and learn about how with a few simple changes our buying habits can not only do less harm, but actually do some real good for the planet and for those we share it with. All are welcome! Details to follow in next month’s magazine, so Save the Date…. If you would like to get involved in planning the workshops, or helping out on the day, that would be great! Please email Rev’d Janey on [email protected] Health & Beauty 18

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