What: Would you like to explore your faith, deepen your commitment and learn with others? Exploring Christianity is a course for all Christians to grow in discipleship. Come willing to share your experience and to listen with an open mind. (If you are a very new Christian or want to find out more about faith, we suggest you try Alpha or a Foundations course first.) How: People meet weekly in a home or church. Each student receives a Study Guide with preparation to complete each week – reading, thinking and reflecting – which is discussed at the tutorial. The tutor will also provide additional activities for the group. Some students will complete assignments, although these are optional. This course also fulfils the first two years of training for those exploring Licensed Lay Ministry. Do it: Find out more via: www.bristol.anglican.org/churchlife/exploringvoc ations/exploringchristianity There are 6 modules exploring a breadth of areas from Spirituality and Prayer, the Bible, Christian Ethics and more. Each module costs £50 (or £25 if not doing assignments) and all six modules are usually completed over a two-year period. A limited bursary scheme for those students who experience financial hardship is available. Please write to the Exploring Christianity Administrator in confidence. For information, contact the Course Administrator, Claire Eade, at [email protected]rg 24 I have been inspired! You meet new people with different backgrounds, and learn about different styles of worship.” It has given me confidence in what I believed, and in myself.” It enlarges your mind. We revisited stories I knew well, but gaining a greater perspective.” A lot of trust built up in the group.” Groups begin in September across the Diocese. It is anticipated that there will be two groups based in Bristol, one in North Wilts and one in Swindon (exact day of the week depends on the venue). There will also be a diocesan zoom group which will meet twice a term in person with further sessions by zoom. For details of a course near you, or to enroll, please contact the Course Administrator at: [email protected] Tel: 0117 906 0100 WE ARE THE DIOCESE OF BRISTOL

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