FROM THE EDITOR Well here we are in the holiday month, a time for going away so that you relax and all being well come back refreshed. I hope that you are able to have a break away. Even though restriction have been lifted, we should all still take care, but at the same time be respectful to how others approach it. At this time I would just like to say a quick ‘thank you’ to those who popped into the Coffee Morning last month, it was good to see you and it enabled us to get back into the swing, even with social distancing. Hope you can make it this month (August). Plenty to read, every time I thought I’d added all the articles, I would remember that there was something else, so did quite a bit of jiggling around, but got there in the end. Which brings me to the deadline for the September issue, this will be Sunday 15th August, articles can be emailed to [email protected] or given to me at a 10.30am service. Don’t forget the Horticulture Show, maybe put in one or two exhibits, but do pop in and take a look. What ever you are doing this month, hope you have a good time. ANSWERS TO THIS MONTHS CROSSWORD & SUDOKU’S 26 E A S Y M E D I U M ACROSS 1 Mosaic; 4 Scales; 7 Cana; 8 Claudius; 9 Sadducee; 13 SLM; 16 Self-confident; 17 Sad; 19 Radiuses; 24 Shepherd; 25 Bind; 26 Astern; 27 Arthur. DOWN 1 Mock; 2 Sandalled; 3 CICCU; 4 Share; 5 Aide; 6 Equal; 10 Décor;11 Caned; 12 Elihu; 13 Sherebiah; 14 Moth; 15 Uses; 18 Ashes; 20 ASEAN; 21 India; 22 Apse; 23 Eder.

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