LIAHIDE Would you agree that it is very important to learn, study, and listen to old music and music history? If so, why? Of course! As an Musicologist and MMus in Songwriting graduate, I simply don’t understand how one can go venturing into art without knowing the origins and roots of what was there before him/her. I only wish people would be more interested in history and art of the past, even the recent past.The level of qualitywould bemuch greater and surprising. I feel like we are living a second Middle Ages, both in Arts as in Social and Political issues, and I know that if only people were educated and knew their history, things would have taken a far better turn for us all. Can you please give us a little history behind your band? How has it evolved over time? My band was built around 2012 as I was recording my first album. George (drums) and I were in the same band since senior high and we’ve always played together. Later, we were introduced to Dennis (guitar) and we played our very first Lia Hide album presentation, all together. Aki’Base (bass) joined us for our second album. Stelios (trumpet) is the latest addition, he joined in just in this latest album. Your fourth albumThe Fourth Guest is based on Timaeus by Plato. How do the dialogues relate to the album? In the Timeaus Sonata (Proposal-Cloud-Dinner) we built an evening dinner,you are all invited to sit down with us as we are discussing over the creation of the Universe, the citizens’ role in an ideal society, art and music’s part in the modern world,and the lost (utopian) city ofAtlantis.But the opening line of ‘Timeaus’ was what mostly inspired us to lock Plato’s writings to our work,as it was our Fourth album (hence, the Missing FOURTH Guest). Also, there was this doctorate thesis that I read, that claimed that the Missing Fourth Guest (inPlato’s Timeaus) was actually amathematical standard, that if it was conceived otherwise, and not as it was originally translated by the Renaissance scholars, thenWesternMusic in its entietywould have sounded completely different, altogether. Whatwere some of the challenges you encounteredwhile trying to get thenewest album done duringCovid19? Now that these times are gone, and life seems to be normal, I actually kind of miss those quarantine days. I www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 12 - feel very much at a loss these days, like I often say, I am deep into a Stockholm Syndrome case, and I just can’t seem to enjoy this newkind of normality. So, these days are actually more challenging than the Covid lockdown ones.At least when wewere in lockdown, everyone was. Now that we do get the chance to live normally, I feel like I just don’t know what to do with myself. Everything seems different. Concert booking is different. Radio and PR and all these contacts, they seem to beworking at different paces and I simply can’t grasp what it is they are looking for. Covid quarantine was frightening but it was very creative for me, and I got to work hard and know what to expect of what I investing in. I was working closely with my boys and we were enjoying our music, building upon it, and dreaming and creating videos and storyboards and new sounds and new forms. Nowdays everything seems unpredictable and strange to me. What is your favourite song to play? Why? It’s those “post”, “progressive” songs that we play that I enjoy the most: “DAD” from my first album, “Johnny and I” from my third album, and “Wynnona” from our latest album, mostly because the boys are so amazing on these, and they flourish the songs when we play them live, and create aunique journey, every single time. I feel like I travel outside my body and float on top of us all, and watch us play, like a spectral spectator. What can we expect from Lia Hide in the future? I am looking forward to sitting down and writing some new songs, although the boys are more drawn to booking a tour and travelling and performing, so I’d expect we will do both of these! What is the most embarrassing song or guilty pleasure bands do you absolutely adore? Ι was a huge Guns 'n' Roses and Doors fan when I was in my teens, absolutely adored them, know all of their songs by heart, every single note that’s on these albums. Now, my pop pleasures are Beyonce and Bruno Mars, especially his latest collaboration, Silk Sonic, album. William ZIMMERMAN Read full reviews on http://www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be/en/reviews/

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