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KEVORKIAN DEATH CYCLE Kevorkian Death Cycle arose out of the like minds of three musicians in Redlands, CA (Inland Empire) in the early 90s, initially appearing as gRID. Various iterations of the band have existed throughout the last thirty years, with Ryan Gribbin and Roger Jarvis forming the core of the band as the chief songwriters and composers. The band's latest release is 'Injection 01' - the first EP in a series of releases reworking the classic tracks from the archive album, Collection For Injection.We're very grateful to Ryanand Roger forthe interview. Hello and thanks for the interview. Why the initial choice for the project name? Ryan Gribbin: In the early 90s we released,on our own, a collection of our EPs, songs we had made for compilations and early recorded demos,whichwe called ‘Collection for Injection’. When we were signed by Ras Dva, Ric Laciak wanted to release this. Since then, we’ve recorded four more full-length albums. This was a return to “resurrect” those songs but re-done or re-envisioned, with the knowledge and experience we’ve obtained through the years. “Injection: 01” is the first release in the series and it’s obviously referencing the original title. It just made sense. Did Jack Kevorkian ever get wind of the band name and what was his reaction? Ryan Gribbin: His lawyer did and he said we could use the band name as long as we didn’t claim to represent him. Not sure if Jack himself ever heard of us. But we would like to think he had. It’s been several years since your last release.Why now and what’s changed since then? Was any of the new material recorded or inspired bythe Covid lockdowns? Ryan Gribbin: For some of us, and by “us” I mean me, life just happened and delayed things. But Roger has continued with several projects, plus running a record label, so he never went anywhere. www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 4 - Any new material we are writing right now doesn’t directly speak to the Covid situation but I think Covid definitely inspired it indirectly. Obviously, a lot changed after the pandemic started, politically and abstractly, and that can’t help but influence us in some way. The first release was in 1993. Howhas your studio set up changed since then? Ryan Gribbin: Our project collaborators are spread out over four states, so we definitely had to get creative about working together remotely. I’m sure a lot of musicians can relate! Roger Jarvis: It actually hasn’t changed much since we first started. I always pick a synth and start from there. I think it went from working with producers to producing it ourselves over the years and keeping things more “in house”. I think now we're able to write faster when needed and when we feel inspired, its faster to get to the end result so overall its much more satisfying. On the other hand, I really do enjoy working with producers because things can happen that I never would have thought of. How important are voice samples and “found sounds” to you? What sources do you look to if theyare? Roger Jarvis: I am old school. Film inspires music for me and vice versa. Having a snippet from a film always adds “that” moment or feeling for me. What are your plans for KDC for the foreseeable months? Ryan Gribbin: I’m just focused on getting all the songs for the additional EP finished up and released. Not thinking that far ahead just yet. What, in regard to your legacy, do you want someone to know should they find your music manyyears fromnow? Ryan Gribbin: Most of my lyrics are inspired by what wrong is going on around me currently. Hopefully,

someone down the road could glean something from them that can help them see where we’ve made mistakes and to make better decisions than we did. Are there any common themes in the new EP? Any stories that inspired the tracks? Ryan Gribbin: Humanity.An internal struggle onhowwe, as a society, are treating each other.We are animals and we need to continue to grow and change and evolve. If we don’t, we will suffer greatly. - 5 - What side projects are you involved with? Ryan Gribbin: I’m always working on ambient and metal projects that I have yet to introduce to the world. Perhaps someday... Roger Jarvis: HexRx, Punish Your God, HVPPY DEVTH William ZIMMERMAN www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be

A SLICE OF LIFE -Tabula Rasa (CD / Digital) (Self-released) Tabula Rasa. Drifting between gothic rock, post-punk and good old 80s new wave but on top of that a rollercoaster of rawemotion,marinated in the ingredients of The Cure, Joy Division,The Sound and the like. It’s the band's second achievement, containing 12 songs and a remix by Coraline as an extra gift.‘Two FacedMan’ opens the album and his, Dirk Vreys, great voice does what it's supposed to, wrapping you in. While guitars precariously creep in the background, a growling bass-line and a post-punk/shoe-gaze vibe completes it all. What makes Tabula Rasa even stronger is the variety. ‘Sweet Darkness’ gives the guitars the lead role. Then we get some (post) punk vibes at ‘Matterhorn’,while ‘Seven Days’ is more reminiscent of The Curemaking it an excellent gothic track. So I say goodbye – to my favourite times – you won't be forgotten – in these blood-shattered rhymes”… resounds in the painful and compelling ‘Goodbye’. ‘Anywhere But Home’ ismore of a happy song,with an indie scent to it.Andwhat about a bit of nostalgic eighties feel like Billy Idol once brought it. Well,‘Run For Cover’ has fragments of this feel. ‘Fortress of Solitude’ is slow, where an intoxicating piano accompanies you on a lyrically not so cheerful date. ‘Animal Instinct’ has you merrily shuffling your legs across the dance floor.Cunningly strong sounding,varied and above all finger licking good! After each listen, your love for this album will grow! [JB] THIS VALE OF TEARS -This Vale Of Tears (Vinyl) (JE M'EN FISH) This self-titled demo which was originally recorded at Rockfabriek in Brussels and released in 1994 as a DIY tape only, found its way onto a nice colourful 12' vinyl disc. I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I got this record in my hands... but when the needle dropped it only took a few seconds to remind me how good this band actually was! Even though I've slightly grown out of the doomy Goth-Rock scene in the last decades I likewhat I hear on the record. I musthave the original tape lying around here somewhere but man, did I forget how good these songs were! Of course it's clear the perfect remastering took them to another level.The cunning programming fromTom,the 'sister' like guitar play between Bart Van Laeken (Lizard Smile) and Johan Peeters, the thundering basslines by Albert Van Onckelen and the übergoth vocals by Eric Duffeler seem to blend perfectly into six magnificent Goth-rock tracks! Are you into Goth? Well then, don't hesitate or youwill be too late! Only 200 copies have been pressed! [FG] KMFDM - Hyena (CD / Vinyl / Digital) (Metropolis Records) 'All 4-1' the first track on this album seems to have all KMFDM ingredients one would expect and gives us a little bit of hope about what is going to come disc.... alas it will turn out it was in vain. The second track 'Rock & Roll Monster' is an instant turn off. In the next track 'Back Hole' Sasha Konietzko's partner (in crime) Lucia Cifarelli tries to boost our motivation to keep listening to this album... and she succeeds rather well... However 'Hyena', the preliminary single of this album had already brought down our expectations a bit with its average rock and roll song feeling and sound.'All wrong -But Alright' is driven by non-inspiring jungle / drum n bass rhythm polluted with yanking guitar solos... The Terror continues on 'Blindface' more yanking and screaming guitars enhancedwith...hammond organs...the horror.'Deluded Desperate Dangerous &Dumb', an uptempo track with some KMFDM doing some yodeling! I kid you not! In my honest opinion this should have been released as a side project album,not as KMFDM! But hey, I hope for themthe sales of this album will prove mewrong! [HH] www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 6 - Read full reviews on http://www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be/en/reviews/

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SHE 1 - HIM 2 She 1 · Him 2 are Evan Nave (Lestat/PKS) and Cassie Bishop (Shy Moon), an alternative electronic duo from Cleveland, Ohio. They’ve recently released a cover of the David Bowie classic, “Fame”. We’re grateful for their time for this interview. Thanks so much for the interview. Could you give us a brief background and meaning behind the name? Evan – Sure thing. I was looking for a way to represent Cassie and I mathematically. The beginnings of an equation jumped in my head and what started as She 1 He 2 transformed into She 1 · Him 2. The added bonus to the name is that it can be said as “She won, him too.” As we work toward our first 4 song EP in 2023, the title will finish the equation with “Equals Them”. www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 8 - Your latest release is a cover of David Bowie’s “Fame”. Why did you choose that particular track and which of his other recordings had the biggest impact on your lives? Evan – All David Bowie has a huge impact in our lives. Fame in particular is super important to mebecause my mother and I used to dance to it in our living roomevery night together. David was the first “different” pop figure for me and really made me feel like there were others out there doing and being the things that I wanted to be.

You have a total of three singles on Bandcamp. Why did it take about a year in between singles? Cassie –There really was no timeline for our music.We didn’t have any deadlines tomeet, didn’t feel rushed, so we were able to take our time and enjoy the process.We also both work full time as well. Evan – We should also point out the pandemic size elephant in the room. Covid made it interesting for us to work together.That’s why we’re never in videos together. Plus, we were really getting to know one another musically. I think the pace of writing will pick up at this point. What triggers the start of a song? Particular emotions? Do the lyrics come first or music? Cassie –For these songs, Evan was writing all the music and I was writing the lyrics, so it was a fun way for us to each bring something different to the table and create a cohesive piece of music from two different perspectives. Evan – Right! And as far as the music goes, it’s really a matter of seeing where the music takes me. I never sit and think “OK dancey one now”or “Let’s do a slow song”. I think any time I’ve ever tried to force it like that, it’s been a total disaster. One of the songs for next year, we’re going to have Cassie write lyrics and a melody for me to write to, just to mix things up. I very much look forward to that because her strengths are very much one of the reasons I wanted to work with her in the first place. What/who do you cite as your main musical and nonmusical influences? Cassie – I love so many different styles of music and genres but for this project style, I would say I was musically influenced by acts like Bat for Lashes, Portishead and Fever Ray. I also would like to thank emotional breakdowns, love, sadness, sickness and nature. Evan – SO many but for this project I’m really leaning into my love of 80sNewWave and Techno. I was amajor Devo geek in high school and it’s one of the reasons I bought my first keyboard. However, I feel I should point to some of the newer alternative acts that are heavily synth based aswell, like Big Data, and Sir Sly.They really brought me out of a music funk and inspired me to do something like this. - 9 - www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be Can you talk about any side projects or former projects and why the motivations for She 1 Him 2 are different? Cassie – I am in a duo acoustic act called Shy Moon and have a solo project called Origami Moon. I love collaborating with othermusicians, so when Evanasked, I was excited to work with his take on goth/industrial music, which has always been close to my heart as a genre. Evan –Well the biggest act I performed with for a really long time was Lestat. That’s where I learned the skills of writing original songs and working with some really talented musicians.Then I was the front man for a really technical metal band called PKS for about 10 years. Between the two, I was able to show the world some of my darker sides, like melancholy and rage. But to me, this project is more about good, geeky fun. I very much look forward to performing this stuff live someday. What do you envision for the forthcoming months for She 1 –Him 2? Cassie – More music! Evan – Amen! More music, more videos and hopefully some live stuff in the coming years. Also, more collaborating with people I love in the scene. It’s been amazing working with Steven Siebold and having Steven Archer do the graphics for our upcoming video. Thanks for your time.These final words are yours. Evan – Thanks for the time and be on the lookout very shortly for our second single this year, Stuck Inside. I think of it as 80s techno dance music William ZIMMERMAN https://www.facebook.com/She1Him2 https://she1him2.bandcamp.com/

LIA HIDE process way later, I think it was the humbleness that my classical music training brought into my psyche, that keptme away from being audacious and bold about making MY album, and MY music. Back in the day, making an entire album seemed like a huge responsibility to me and I spent 3 years in the making of my very first solo album. Who were some of your earliest musical inspirations and influences? It was Manos Hadjidakis, the Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel when I was a kid, and later on, it was Lisa Stansfield, Belinda Carlisle, Janet Jackson and even Bon Jovi. Soon after I suffered a Metallica and Dead Can Dance phase, that was followed by a Depeche Mode, Smashing Pumpkings and Moby/Massive Attack period, while my 20s were filled with Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Faith no More. Lia Hide is a classically trained dark pop artist from Greece. She’s just released her highly-anticipated concept album,‘The Missing Fourth Guest’; a verywell thought out album whose story is based upon Plato’s Timeaus Sonata.We’re very grateful to Lia for her time for this interview. Can you please describe your music to someone that has never heard of Lia Hide? Our music is a bit demanding. If you’ve heard Kate Bush (not only the Stranger Things hit), Tori Amos, Depeche Mode and someEnnio Morricone andSon Lux you’ll feel at home. People say we bear resemblance to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, although I feel most at home with a Radiohead list of similarities. Its context is a bit...intellectual and you’ll find yourself troubled with your ghosts if you sink into the lyrics. How did you get into the music ? Music was always around in my home, as I was growing up. I decided to be a musician, as a profession, since everything else severely depressed me (and I did try, trust me). I got into making my own songs way early, I think I wrote my first song when I was 14 years old but I got into the album making and ‘Lia Hide’ identity www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 10 - You are a music educator, what is your favourite part of teaching music? Music teaching is very, very tiring and comes with a huge responsibility. It also wears my voice and stamina greatly but make nomistake, music teaching is the elixir of life, the fountain of youth! My favourite and most demanding aspect is my students’ personalities and how we bond our lives, and blend our paths, finding new identities and creating new wonders! What was your first music teacher like? Horrible. I am a “metoo”.. victim.He was avery respected teacher and bassoon player (yes, I was sent off to a very famous Conservatory to learn the bassoon, when I was 12 years old. He took advantage of my shyness and made all sorts of (sadly, successfull) attempts to exploit my naive and young head and sadly, parts of my body. And like all victims, I too was very ashamed to speakout and share this with my family, until it was too late, and I amvery thankful that when I did, they stood bymy side. Sadly, we did not seek legal justification, that was something you just wouldn’t do, way back then. I sometimes wonder if the darkness that dwells in me was planted in my head and soul, then.

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LIAHIDE Would you agree that it is very important to learn, study, and listen to old music and music history? If so, why? Of course! As an Musicologist and MMus in Songwriting graduate, I simply don’t understand how one can go venturing into art without knowing the origins and roots of what was there before him/her. I only wish people would be more interested in history and art of the past, even the recent past.The level of qualitywould bemuch greater and surprising. I feel like we are living a second Middle Ages, both in Arts as in Social and Political issues, and I know that if only people were educated and knew their history, things would have taken a far better turn for us all. Can you please give us a little history behind your band? How has it evolved over time? My band was built around 2012 as I was recording my first album. George (drums) and I were in the same band since senior high and we’ve always played together. Later, we were introduced to Dennis (guitar) and we played our very first Lia Hide album presentation, all together. Aki’Base (bass) joined us for our second album. Stelios (trumpet) is the latest addition, he joined in just in this latest album. Your fourth albumThe Fourth Guest is based on Timaeus by Plato. How do the dialogues relate to the album? In the Timeaus Sonata (Proposal-Cloud-Dinner) we built an evening dinner,you are all invited to sit down with us as we are discussing over the creation of the Universe, the citizens’ role in an ideal society, art and music’s part in the modern world,and the lost (utopian) city ofAtlantis.But the opening line of ‘Timeaus’ was what mostly inspired us to lock Plato’s writings to our work,as it was our Fourth album (hence, the Missing FOURTH Guest). Also, there was this doctorate thesis that I read, that claimed that the Missing Fourth Guest (inPlato’s Timeaus) was actually amathematical standard, that if it was conceived otherwise, and not as it was originally translated by the Renaissance scholars, thenWesternMusic in its entietywould have sounded completely different, altogether. Whatwere some of the challenges you encounteredwhile trying to get thenewest album done duringCovid19? Now that these times are gone, and life seems to be normal, I actually kind of miss those quarantine days. I www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 12 - feel very much at a loss these days, like I often say, I am deep into a Stockholm Syndrome case, and I just can’t seem to enjoy this newkind of normality. So, these days are actually more challenging than the Covid lockdown ones.At least when wewere in lockdown, everyone was. Now that we do get the chance to live normally, I feel like I just don’t know what to do with myself. Everything seems different. Concert booking is different. Radio and PR and all these contacts, they seem to beworking at different paces and I simply can’t grasp what it is they are looking for. Covid quarantine was frightening but it was very creative for me, and I got to work hard and know what to expect of what I investing in. I was working closely with my boys and we were enjoying our music, building upon it, and dreaming and creating videos and storyboards and new sounds and new forms. Nowdays everything seems unpredictable and strange to me. What is your favourite song to play? Why? It’s those “post”, “progressive” songs that we play that I enjoy the most: “DAD” from my first album, “Johnny and I” from my third album, and “Wynnona” from our latest album, mostly because the boys are so amazing on these, and they flourish the songs when we play them live, and create aunique journey, every single time. I feel like I travel outside my body and float on top of us all, and watch us play, like a spectral spectator. What can we expect from Lia Hide in the future? I am looking forward to sitting down and writing some new songs, although the boys are more drawn to booking a tour and travelling and performing, so I’d expect we will do both of these! What is the most embarrassing song or guilty pleasure bands do you absolutely adore? Ι was a huge Guns 'n' Roses and Doors fan when I was in my teens, absolutely adored them, know all of their songs by heart, every single note that’s on these albums. Now, my pop pleasures are Beyonce and Bruno Mars, especially his latest collaboration, Silk Sonic, album. William ZIMMERMAN Read full reviews on http://www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be/en/reviews/

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DEMI LOVATO - HOLY FVCK (CD / Vinyl / Digital) (Island Records) Holy Fvck indeed! There is a vast array of musical genres encapsulated in the 45+ minutes runtime.80’s heavymetal,90’s grunge,pop-punk,metal,metalcore,progressive rock, gothic rock… It’s all present and breathes freely and naturallyon this record.“Eat Me” is a standout track with its metalcore vibe anda stunning collaboration withRoyal & The Serpent. Another collaboration that shines is the strong opening post-grunge track “Freak” featuring Yungblud. “Help Me” featuring Dead Sara is impeccable in its unabashed brattiness.The title track is reminiscent of 80’s heavymetal and contains yet another amazing vocal performance.The 80’s hair metal feel can be felt throughout the record- “Feed” being another example it.“Holy Fvck” is at times brutal a listen when taken in the context of the life that was lived to birth it, but it serves as a rebirth for an artist who is not afraid to be their true authentic self. [AM] VANGUARD - Spectrum (CD / Digital) (Infacted Recordings) It's a bold statement to make I know but every single second of the album is sheer joy unto the ears. This is Vanguard's 5th record. Elements fromall of their previous records have been cleverly conjured and combined to create what I truly believe to be their magnum opus release. It is one of the freshest sounding synthpop records this year.With addictive pulsating basslines and energetic electronics abounding, how is one to determine a favourite singular track? For me, "Enemy Inside" is a standout track. The vocal harmonies are sublime and the chorus has me hooked every single time I hear it. At 9 tracks, it's clear and concise in its mission to conquer and win over those with an open mind to delve into modern day synthpop.A huge success. [AM] MISERIA ULTIMA - Witch Heart Apparition (Digital) With this new EP'Witch Heart Apparition',MiseriaUltima triggers our hunger for moreby releasing 2 brand newsongs into the world.Their recipe for success and distinctive sound remains: cold melancholic atmospheres, gripping andoften sad melodies combinedwith hard aggressive distorted vocals and powerful dark electro outs. Introspection about mortality,death,and dealing with sudden and permanent separation by loss.An industrial version ofAcylum,a dark-electro-stomper by Siva Six and a similar Venal-Flesk treatment, giving it a very aggressive beat.AlsoNeikka RPM lashes outwith a very heavy version of the song. The old-school EBM-ers from Ad:Key also have their boots stomping over the song.A combination of a dance rhythm section with claps and all the trimmings, and yet old-school enough to enjoy it. Curious if the full album will be a bit heavier than these, for them, somewhat quieter original song versions. (Alfa-Matrix) [JB] SYGO CRIES - In Outside Places (EP (Digital)) (AfterfurchtProductions) www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be 'Out Of This World' starts with an acoustic guitar and penetrating bass, and then slides into a nice sounding dark-wave song.With the necessary flair, a pinch of romance.And what to think of 'Avez-Vous (Déjà)'.What a whopper of a cold-wave song! Sandra Lilidollrage Sena (noise, post-punk band member Lolidollrage) provides vocal support on this track. And then an encore with a hammer postpunk song! We already heard the unblended mix of 'Surrender'.Now, the song can beheard as intended.This is really finger-licking post-punk! This is the Sygo Cries I embrace. The synths get more space, the drum sectiondry and then again inviting your feet tomove.While the guitars drag their way through the song with sharp, angular strikes.Yes... Belgium has something to offer. Yet another band that will claim its place in the post-punk/cold-wave scene. They can, and I hope they will! This EP is so strong itmakes you longing formore! - 14 - [JB] Read full reviews on http://www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be/en/reviews/

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FRONT242 Signs Of Live Photo © Luc Luyten www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 16 -

Considering the fact that Front 242’s singer Jean-Luc de Meyer was rushed to hospital and treated due to critical health condition in spring this year, it seems like nothing less than a miracle that he entered the stage again only few months later. Shows were cancelled, the alarming news of the frontman’s serious illness spread like a whirlwind. Despite that, the band scheduled two shows for July at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels in order to celebrate their 40th anniversary –postponed from2020 due to the pandemic situation. Nobody knew if this was really going to happen – but it did! On July 8th and 9th, the EBM pioneers were back on stage! The Ancienne Belgique was jam-packed, both singers apparently in top form. Only apparently? Indeed, as Richard 23 confirms! And he should be proven right: they not only played these two gigs, but countless shows after that, including the “Black To Square One”-tour in North America this fall, kicking off in Pittsburgh at the beginning of September and leading the band to destinations such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, New York and Boston, “including cities rarely, if ever, visited”, as the official Facebook account of the band stated. For both of the latter shows, Front 242 were accompanied by Portion Control just as Revolting Cocks only for the New York gig at Cold Waves X. 19 shows in the USA, followed by the final six ones in Canada mid ofOctober. Even though –rumours that the band might be on an inofficial farewell tour are spreading, fueled by social media statements of the band, such as “this is the last time Front 242 will do a tour of the US and Canada. Don't miss the opportunity to come to these shows...!” or “The members of Front 242 have revealed that this falls campaign will be their FINAL North American tour. Official statement coming soon. Catch the men one last time and celebrate 40 years of iconic electronic body music”. Photo © Luc Luyten - 17 - www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be

Photo © Luc Luyten Prior to this extensive North American tour leg, our friends of VOLT magazine met the tireless shouter in an hotel lobby on the evening before their gig at the E-Only festival in Leipzig this July, mostly talking about the present and the near future, including detailed plans well past 2023 and possibly even the release of new songs. Here’s an excerpt of what Richard revealed to us: You produced new songs and included them in the live set. These songs and also the new live versions are going back to your original sound quite a bit. Not a little bit! They’re going back as best as wecould do it! So for Front this is remarkable as the band always went ahead instead of going back … There are two reasons for that. First is that we have nothing to prove anymore, to be ahead of the time. We never considered ourselves as ahead of our time or ahead of something. We are just doing our stuff. The rest is for the people to say. So when you’re done after 40 years and it’s been like always ahead of everything at a certain moment, it’s very hard to keep on going at the front. Electronic music in the last 20, 25 years has exploded.There are somany genres, everybody is doing it now.So that’s the second reason: Why shouldwe keep on trying to do the next sound of the future? And we felt that going back to our roots would be something more enjoyable, because I think that the last year we kind of started to get a little bit lost in older versions we once did. So I guess we wanted to restrain everything and put it back to one thing. For us, the best was to go back to our roots.

We have nothing to prove! We are just doing our stuff! How many new songs do you have and in which stadium are they? We have a lot of big question marks. We have enough songs, but nothing is completely finished. We’re in the stage where we can start to produce and mix the tracks. And the big talking now is when we’re gonna do this.We have to see ifwe’ll do it ourselves or if we willwork with somebody else. We already worked with two other persons from outside the band, on the tracks you heard live. They actually worked with us on five songs. The problem we have now is to decide the way we will do it. But the material is there. I think it sounds good.And after that we have to decide how many songs we want to make available on the market. If we’re not happy and if we won’t have twelve songs, we won’t release an album. But we can produce an EP or 12”es.The thing is: we have no pressure any more by a company or a career to make. - 19 - We do things the way they come. To be honest, we’ve been working on these tracks for years, but we take our time. Talking about directions: rumours have it that this is some kind of farewell tour. Is that true? Not yet! Cat Se Read the full interview here: www.volt-magazin.de FRONT 242 will perform on 2 December at BIMFEST St. Niklaas, Belgium. More info & tickets: www.bodybeats.be www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be

THE JUGGERNAUTS With their new brand new EP FEAR to be released towards the end of this year and the announcement of their appearances at renowned festivals like the 20th anniversary of BIMFEST (Belgium), the Out Of Line weekender (Berlin), DarkMalta (Malta) and DarkMAD (Madrid), we thought it was about time to interview Mr. BORG, head and voice of the Belgian rejuvenators of Electronic BodyMusic,The Juggernauts! When did you get interested in EBM and howwas it? I started out as a DJ somewhere in1984. My first records were from The Human League (Travelogue),The Sisters Of Mercy (The Reptile House), Joy Division (Unknown Pleasures),Liaisons Dangereuses and…Geography and No Comment from Front 242. At that time it was normal to have broad taste … maybe also because there were only a couple of good bands around, so you didn’t have much choice. There was still no oversupply like today. Anyway, I soon got more and more hooked on the strong beats, sequences and raw vocals of EBM. You started as a DJ in the 80s in a club called The Phantom that you ran with your brother, right? How do you remember those days? These were the mid 80s, THE heyday of New-Wave & the www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be prime of EBM music. It was a wonderful time! At our club we even hosted live shows from The Klinik, Insekt and many more! One of the first bands you founded was The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, right? Honestly, I could not find any more info about this. Was it also EBM? Did you record anything with them? Yeah well, there was not really any internet at that time but we did releasea tape with The 4Horsemen OTAwhich even had some local success. At that time I was, and secretly I still am, a huge fan of The Bollock Brothers so I decided to callmy first band after their legendary album of the same name. Anyway, I looked up my copy for you to check the track list and to my surprise this tape did indeed already have a decent amount of EBM tracks and ingredients on it! Thank you for the flashback! Another band you started was The Lance of Allotment. With them you released only a cassette. Can you please tell us more about this project? Due to some line-up changes, the band morphed fromThe Four Horsemen OTA into The Lance Of Allotment at the beginning from the 90s. We played all over Belgium and supported bands like Dive, Insekt and The Neon - 20 -

Let’s leave the love dramas and (fake) feel good theme to pop music and the brain dead Tik-Tok generation. Paraphrasing Zappa - does humour belong in EBM? Who the fuck is Zappa? I guess some dancing fool smelling like Vaseline? Anyway, why not!? Humour should belong everywhere at any time! It makes life a bit more bearable, doesn’t it?! I love the way Sturm Café plays with humour for instance. This being said, I personally sometimes have the feeling it can get too much / stupid / cheesy.Let’s leave the love dramas and (fake) feel good theme to pop music and the brain dead Tik-Tok generation. With The Juggernauts I want try and keep it a bit more serious…and that’s why I created my crazy alter ego band Porno Karaoke...I need to let go of my craziness sometimes too! Judgement.And yes, this tape smelled very EBM-like too! You were part of theKlinik from 2009, howwas it? Later you collaborated with Dirk Ivens in other projects doing the "technical stuff." Is it the same that you do with Absolute Body Control? Before 2009 I was already the resident sound engineer for all ofDirk Ivens'projects,includingThe Klinik.So whenMarc Verhaegen became to ill to tour anymore, Dirk asked me to join himon stage.And so I did from the 2009Tinitus festival in Stockholm, Sweden until the very lastThe Klinik show in Berlin in 2014.Together we playedabout 30 shows all over the world, again a great chapter in my musical career. And then finally, The Juggernauts. The band was born after meeting Glenn Keteleer. How was it? What urged you to create a new EBM band? Well, I was forced to quit another band I was a part of at that time but I still had so many ideas and plans in my head. I decided the time was ripe to have my very own project again. I met Glenn at a The Neon Judgement concert and told himhow eager Iwas to start a new (EBM) project. Some days later I was invited to his studio and we recorded our first ever single / track ‘Phoenix’. It took us just one afternoon. - 21 - What inspired you for the Juggernauts look? Marvel comics or just mythology? I’m not a Marvel fan so I would go for mythology. Iwanted to look dark, doomy and futuristic but to be honest … the band’s name and outfits were also inspired by Call of Duty, a game I played on my PlayStation at that time. At one point in this game these enemy Juggernaut soldiers came charging at you, scaring the shit out everyone because these fuckers were so very hard to kill! How did you approach the composition of the first EP? Did you try to bring something newto the style? Our first recording and single Phoenixwas picked-up by the Berlin Out Of Line records and ended up on one of their compilations called “Awake The Machines”. Soon after gig requests began pouring in so we almost didn’t find the time to sit down together to write and record new songs. That’s why the label suggested having some remixes on our first EP so we could at least release something and had something to sell while touring. I’m not going to claim we did something new, we just used all our experience and influences but also tried very hard not to fall in the copycat trap. The EP came with remixes by True Zebra (logical selection), Plastic Noise Experience, Implant and Spetnaz.Why did you choose these three bands? I guess they are also friends of yours. Since I’m not a big fan of todays remixes I decided IF we have to have remixes on our first EP it could well be those www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be Photo © Luc Luyten

THE JUGGERNAUTS of some of our closest friends. Kevin/True Zebra did the remix long before he was enlisted inThe Juggernauts. Three years later the band published The Juggernauts Are Coming, a full album with some newversions of the songs released on the EP.Why did you record these new versions? To update the sound of the tracks? Like I said, we barely had the time to finish our first songs to our liking but I guess they evolved a bit during our shows so they maybe do sound a bit updated. Youwrote the lyrics for the album.Where do you take the inspiration to write them? Sadly today’s society is a huge source of inspiration, frustration and disbelief. I think I could write a new song after every late night news TV show. Reality is often more cruel and unbelievable than fiction. You have always beenlinked to EBM, howdo you see the genre today? I grew up with the EBM music of Front 242, Skinny Puppy and Portion Control so why should I deny that legacy … Sometimes I feel sorry when I see bands trying to distance themselves from the “scene” and their past. They seem to have forgotten and/or have no respect for the fans that supported them from the very beginning. These artists mainly exist because of those fans and now these artists ridicule them for not being openminded etcetera.Well, I’m very open minded but shit music stays shit music, get over it! (In case any of my friend artists are reading this, of course I’m not speaking about your wonderful project and music!) But on the other hand I have to admit some EBM fans & bandsare not really contributingto the greatgenre it still is. Let’s be honest… there’s a lot (too much?) ofcrap out there! But hey, there’s still more crap in mainstream and pop music! Kevin Strauwen is part of the band, we knowhim as True Zebra and even interviewed him in the past. How would you describe his contribution to the band? Do you also like his solo work? When Glenn lost his appetite to go on tour with The Juggernauts,we both opted for Kevin to replace himon the e-drums. It soon proved to have been the right choice indeed. Kevin brings a lot of energy on stage while he’s banging those drums.He’s also a great producer with good ears and ideas,which he proved recently by the mixing and mastering of our brand new six track EP FEAR. www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 22 - Today there is alsoTerence Gryson on samplers & synths. How do you think things have changedhaving him? I always wanted to expand the live band because it simply looks better onstage.Terence is mainly responsiblefor the tapestry underneath our live sound, he does backing vocals, sampling and synth parts. Thanks to him our live shows sound more complete and atmospheric. Just like Kevin, he’s also great friend and asset to The Juggernauts You are also a famous DJ in the scene. Do you play Juggernauts songs in your sets? I try to refrain but it depends on the occasion and setting. Sometimes I sin, like if I want to test a new track or when people request one of our songs but I don’t DJ to promote my own music, I DJ because I like to entertain people.And there are already plenty of “other” great bands and tracks to work with I think. :P What are the band's plans for the future? Are The Juggernauts going to save us? Well we just announced the release our long awaited FEAR [EP] (01.12.2022) which will be released digitally as download as well as on a shiny a Digipack CD. A vinyl 12” is also ordered too but sadly the vinyl production delays these days are so huge so it will take some months to have it in our hands I’m afraid. Will the Juggernauts save you? Well, I would love to say yes but look around … stupidity, ignorance and violence seem to gain ground every day but...if you all buyour new EP and start following us on Facebook we will still might be able to do something! Just follow! https://www.facebook.com/TheJuggernauts François Zappa / © El Garaja de Frank Photo © Luc Luyten

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JOSIE PACE I am myself on stage, even if I feel like I might lookweird or awkward, I am who I am and I own every bit of it. Howwould you describe the music you create? This question is always hard for me but I feel like mymusic is relatable but very new.Most everything I write about, others are going through or have gone through in their lifetime as well.Mymusic is familiar but new and aggressive and strong. I thinkmymusic is a friend to people whodon’t have anyone else to leanon. Josie Pace is a Detroit, Michigan based artist who blends electronic music elements along with rock synthpop and goth/industrial. 'IV0X10V5' is the latest album released this year on Negative Gain Productions. Josie is also preparing to embarkon a NorthAmerican tour in support of Aesthetic Perfection beginning in October. We appreciate her taking time out to talkabout the album,performing and music in general. When and howdid you first get into music? I was intomusic froma very young age.I grewup in amusical family, so music is “in my blood” so to speak. I always knew I wanted to have a career in the music industry. My parents supportedmydecisions very earlyon and pushedme to really polish and work on my talents. I grew up writing my own songs even before I was inguitar lessons. What was your first onstage experience?Howdid you cope with performance anxiety? I have been taking the stage by storm since I was young but my first onstage experience with the music I create now was at Small’s in Detroit. I remember wearing the most uncomfortable shoes ever and I remember my hands and knees shaking before going on. Out of excitement sure but also out of nervousness. Of course, I still get nervous. But I wasn't as seasoned then. I remember just trying to do whatever came natural for me. I also remember reaching for the mic stand and missing it completely but I try to forget about that! I’ve learned a lot in the years after that performance. Being nervous is normal and important! I use that energy to hype myself up and to put on a kickass show. - 24 - You and Ken Roberts work together. Can you give us some insight about howyou two first met? Ken had seen a video I recorded of my cover of “Mad World” by Tears for Fears, he sent me a message on Facebook explaining that he was a music producer and would like to meet with me and possibly work on music together. Unfortunately at the time I was getting a lot of scammers and creeps sending similar messages but they weren't actually producers. I chalked his messages up to be scams for a few months as well until I was doing a photoshoot with a friend of mine, Scott Sprague. And coincidentally Ken has been friends with Scott for years!When he sawI was shootingwith Scott, he called and asked Scott to assure me that he wasn't some creepy fake producer. What is your favourite song off the newalbum andwhy? It’s so hard for me to pick favourites, the songs are like my babies. I put a lot of myself into all of them.But I think the song that still pulls my heart strings is “Vicious”. I wrote “Vicious”after the sudden death of a very close friend ofmine. She died in a car accident one night while I was at a music video shoot. I found out the next day that she had passed. I was wrecked to say the very least. She was one of my best friends and writing this song took everything in me to finish. All of my sleepless nights of clenching my hand over my mouth and sobbing intomypillowuntil I finally fell asleep.All of my confusion and hollowness and anger about how she was taken too young and too violently and howno amount of flowers or beautiful caskets or “she looks so peaceful” made me understand why she was not here anymore. Throughout the song I constantly ask,“Are we not complete without this viciousness?”.Asking if life is only worth living because all of the terrible lows make the happiest moments happier. I still have a hard time performing that song live and I try to dedicate it toher at every show. (Read more on wwww.peek-a-boo-magazine.be) William ZIMMERMAN

DID YOU KNOWTHAT… DIE KRUPPS members'side project, DIE ROBO SAPIENS, launches debut album in October! After a couple of teasing EP and video clip releases, the Belgian Alfa Matrix label today announces the full length album byDie Robo Sapiens,theultimateEBMprojectbythemembersofDieKrupps.“RoboSapienRace”willbe releasedbytheendofOctoberona fanedition vinyl (with lots of extras such as a DJ turntable slipmat),as a limited 2CD box set pressing and as a download. Behind Die Robo Sapiens we find Die Kruppsmembers Jürgen Engler plus RalfDörper andMarcel Zürcher. The10-track“RoboSapienRace”albumoffers a blendofminimal,vintage andpowerful synthmusicwithharder,stronger and angrier EBM assaultsmadeoffat and rippingbasslines,powerfulGermanvocals andupbeat synth sequences.Theartworkwas renderedbythe talented Japanese designer Tomoki Hayasaki. JürgenEngler:“The idea for uswas tohave anoutlet for songs that couldn’t be used in aDieKrupps context.The use ofguitars inDieRobo Sapiens music being taboo,in a way,it’s a return to our electro roots but with a twist.Imagine the Duesseldorf sound of Kraftwerkmixed with hardDie Krupps EBM.This combination of styles has been spooking aroundmybrain for awhile and it was time to put it into action.” The album’s first pressing comes out as a limited deluxe double CD Digipak containing a bonus disc featuring each album song remixed by an impressive list of electro artists such as Sebastian Komor, Orange Sector, Plastic Noise Experience,Metroland,Aiboforcen,Ad:Key, Implant,Aesthetische,Kant Kino and Cubic. The albumalso gets released on vinyl format as a fan edition pack limited to 333 units worldwide including the 10-track albumon black vinyl in a deluxe gatefold packaging (with full lyrics) with a bonus DJ turntable slipmat,a pagemarker and a numbered postcard,plus the new20 track“Sounds FromTheMatrix023”label CD compilationwhich,for now,is exclusive to this release. Videos: TanzMit DemRoboter (https://youtu.be/8xOmewEsShg,official video clip) Teufelskreis (https://youtu.be/e7aAW3tTpEc,static video) Fred Gadget - 25 -

PARADOX OBSCUR - Intercourse (Cassette / Digital) (Self-released) Intercourse is a two track EP (Even also available on floppydisc but sold at themoment). In contrast toprevious work, the track‘Intercourse’ leansmore towards minimal techno. The beats and melody have a lounge atmosphere.The vocals of both Toxic and Kriistal Ann give it just that little bit of a dark touch. The second song ’Glow’ is kneaded from the same dough but sounds a bit more nice retro-ish. The beats and retro sounding synths create a special atmosphere.Difficult to describe…. This EP shows that their love for hardwareminimal material is still there but with a sort of techno touch. Personally, I'm more of a fan of their earlier, actually their first work, which was pure minimal. Butwho am I... [JB] KILL SHELTER -Asylum (CD) (Metropolis Records) It’s not “Gothic Rock.”Nor “Cyber Goth.”Or “Dark Electro”or “Darkwave”or “Synthwave.”But it captures thewhole of those and more so that when youhear it, you simply think,“this is Goth.” Each song on this album expands into the room like so much thick, charcoalgray smoke. “Time Will Come” opens the album at breakneck speed, unleashing a vengeance for which we knownot the cause.“InThis Place”reverberates and pounds the dark recesses of our minds. “Buried Deep” digs through the top soil in search of subterranean gloom. “Crossing Borders” is a brief, ethereal and haunting interlude as footsteps hasten across sandy, rocky terrain. Then the club-worthy, bombast of “The Necklace” explodes out the speakers. This is perhaps the most powerful track on a powerful album. The US release finishes with a wall of sound in “The Cage,” letting us know that our time has indeed come. [CCM] WULF7- I don't want (Anymore) (CD / Digital) If you really like rawoldschool EBMand haveNOT yet heardofWülf7 then you must have been living under a rock.Fromthe beginning it was clear that it would be a stomping EBMrecord.Titeltrack I don't want (anymore) opens theEP in a very nice way. Morbide follows the by now known recipe: pumpingEBM-beats and vocals witha goal.The Astma-version of Morbide is softer and the vocals are partially cleaned from the thick layer ofdistortion. The message kicks in harder, in a softer way.W.A.W.W.A. continues the stomp.The intro is woven with samples of speeches.For me,besides EBMNation,this is the best track on this release, even though there areno real low points. Last track is a cooperation with T.A.N.K. and is titled Wülf and TANK. Despite the languid tempo, it is still a kind of Sturm und Drang: the beats stick,the vocals conduct.It may be clear that my respect forWülf7is high. What they do for the genre in Belgium and the inspiring way they do it is admirable. Still not convined? I have a garden full of rocks...Pick one tocrawl under... (Self-released) [PD] DEZ MONA - Loose Ends (CD / Vinyl / Digital) A group that keeps modernizing and remaining relevant is Dez Mona. They proved it again.With their album'Loose Ends', they explore a newpath: that of the cosmopolitan. After listening tothe album many times, I think spontaneously about terms suchas sexy, funky,eighties and also (high) energy! ‘Loose Ends’ is thereforea cheerful and danceable album.This can also be seen in the video clips ‘Wicked’ (Frateur dancing on high heels) and ‘Fresh Water’ (dancing in delightful fluo colors). The groove of 'The Power' is one where you don't keep your legs still.This is one ofmy favourite songs.'Loose Ends' is like the cover image: a powerful bouquet of fresh colors where you will have fun diving with your nose todiscover all the frivolous perfumes. [TP] www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 26 - Read full reviews on http://www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be/en/reviews/

PSY'AVIAH Searching', a more extreme way of accepting the world but perhaps too extremeat times. It was nevertheless a kindof escapism, a quest to deal with the world, in the dreamy to the destructive sense and a mixture in between... 'Bittersweet', the third part, is more of a balance. You can also hear that in the chords and the music. There is a positive vibe in the songs. Although the lyrics sometimes hint at world or personal problems, there are more things that put things into perspective. The music had to sound different,maybe a little more positive and poppy. With'Bittersweet', Psy'Aviah presents not only their tenth album, but also the third part of their trilogy about the alienation of the individual in modern society. What's more: with this record Psy'Aviah celebrates its twentieth anniversary, which is why the release of 'Bittersweet' contains a bonus CD with reworked versions of their songs by several friends. Reason enough to knockon the door ofmastermindYves Schelpe and take his confession. Hi Yves. I can congratulate you twice this time.A first time for the beautiful 'Bittersweet' you just released, and a second time for the twentieth anniversary of Psy'Aviah. Howdo you feel about these achievements? Hey, thank you for that. What makes me most happy is of course that you like 'Bittersweet' – in the end that's the most important thing for an artist, I think... The 20th anniversary has more to do with stubbornness, a sense of storytelling and so on. This is not necessarily an achievement, only if you're happy with what you've done. And for me it's usuallywith the last thing I've released,with this 'Bittersweet' album, or the 'trio' of albums but I think you'll have more questions about that. Indeed. 'Bittersweet' is actually the third part of a trilogy that started with 'Lightflare' and continued with 'Soul Searching'.Canyou tell uswhat the theme of that trilogyis? The goal after 'Lightflare'was always to make two sequels. Where 'Lightflare' mainly focused on being 'angry' at the world and being 'lost' in this world, there also had to be a kind of answer that had some self-reflection.That was 'Soul - 27 - Inwhat way is'Bittersweet'the end of the trilogy? Howdo you actually end a trilogy on such serious themes? Actually by making a kind of synthesis and looking back with a critical eye and offering an answer to that –both in terms of lyrics and music. The intro of the album – again voiced by Dirk De Wachter –plays an even more important role in this than last time. It's really kind of an answer from the"mindset"I had at the time ofwriting.Life is bittersweet, not black and white. You don't have everything under control. Wanting to have everything under control is problematic, as is wanting to have nothing under control. Finding a balance, letting go, trying new things, but being yourself and respecting your own limits – those are the lessons, I think, above all – and that's what the lyrics and music are inspired by, including the songs 'Ok' and ' Tired' which we have completely rewritten. Your music has also evolved throughout the trilogy.You've incorporated live strings into your music for the first time, for example. What have you learned while writing the trilogy and howhas that influenced yourmusic? I already referred a bit to the fact that I needed a different approach as an answer, not only in terms of text but also in terms of musical approach. It is and remains Psy'Aviah. We've flirted with these more up-tempo and pop atmospheres before but we're taking it a step further here. The lyrics and music are still the way I feel it: sincere from the heart, driven by passion. But I wanted to write and elaborate things with more perfection, and also with a different philosophy: more real instruments. So you hear more real guitars, more backing vocals that replace synth pads or synth strings and therefore also cellos and violins that replace the synthesizers. All this gives it a blend of electronics and humanity. Especially violins and cellos give that extra boost of emotions and warmth to an electronic drum beat. Just like backing vocals do. The entire combination is therefore a bit more 'open' in sound,but still with integrity –at least that's my feeling about it. Everyone experiences music differently. www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be

PSY'AVIAH Just like on'Soul Searching', you have incorporated a text by Dirk De Wachter, the famous psychiatry professor, on the first track. Howdid that collaboration come about and what was its importance to you? The importance was his philosophy of dealing with grief, setbacks, doubts, about what life is and its usefulness. The conversations we had about it were inspiring. He could support the poetry I wrote in terms of message. I always find that important with every vocalist I work with. In addition,his deep voice is simply beautiful to listen to.That counts too. The reason to ask him again for 'Bittersweet'? That's everything I mentioned but it's also supposed to have some sort of continuity in that narrative about those albums... The voice is missing on the first album of the trilogy. That's also poetic really – the voice was there then not yet. So 'Lost at Sea', no feedback. Only on the second album 'Soul Searching', there are more influences from the outside world, including Dirk with the intro. album. The EPs are mainly there for the DJs and hardcore fans. Here too, the DJs excel in their field, from trance experts, to breakbeat and drum'n bass experts, to people who have fully mastered ambient. I have touched those genres sometimes but not in their pure form. By having a song remixed in those pure styles,you also get a newangle. Often useful for DJs, so we offer 7” and 12” versions, giving flexibility to DJs and radios. Our last EP 'Ok' is a good example of that, we have breakbeats by Nethermere and ALUCVRD, trance by HelG and LLM but also more synthpop / electropop variations by Digital Factor, MissSuicide and Am Tierpark. Finally, also quiet interpretations, such as the 'stripped version' that mainly brings out the violins and voice; or the 'Pulse Mandala' version which brings ambient to the song. You can nowlook back on 25 yearsof making music as Psy'Aviah. Going through everything, what were the highlights and which were the hardest moments? Wanting to have everything under control is problematic, as is wanting to have nothing under control. 'Bittersweet'also contains a second CDwith newversions of songs from Psy'Aviah, songs from all over your career, which has been going on for 20years.Whydidyou choose the concept of new versions instead of the classic remixes? It's an easy answer. Instead of having remixes made, I wanted to invite bands that I really like myself to make their own version from scratch. A remix is limiting, they can't completely adjust the rhythm. Adjusting chords and voice is also not always possible and because of that, the 'sound' of the band is sometimes lost.Now I could share the passion with fans, show the bands I really like in their own way.At the same time it is part 'letting go', which is part of the theme 'Bittersweet'. I let go of the numbers and see what happens.You don't have to be in control of everything, sometimes it's good to hear a completely different perspective. You have the habit of turning your 'singles' into real EPs with sometimes up to 18 songs. How do you manage to include so many songs and remixes on each EP? This time mainly because I didn't put the remixes on the www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be The most difficult moments are often my own fault. I had the intention from the beginning to be diverse in my musical output... but with my first two albums on Alfa Matrix being quite EBM/Electro-Industrial and dance oriented, people expected a band that would continue to do that. That was of course not the case. Before I signed with Alfa Matrix, I made music that was much less in that direction. On the other hand, colouring outside the lines and opting for variation has also been nice and something thatmakes me happy myself. Especially with songs like 'Ok', 'Song of Independence', 'Voodoo Love', 'Sunbird', 'No More Heroes', 'Our Common End','Can We Make It Rhyme','Pretender' and so on. It's not songs like 'In Silence', 'New Times' or 'Virtual Gods' – but for me they have been works that have given me a creative challenge. If they were well received, then that was all the more nice of course... So your greatest weakness and frustration can sometimes also be your trump card.Not everyone will like it but I have learned a lot of new things myself and got to know new people –from fans to musicians. (Read more on wwww.peek-a-boo-magazine.be) Xavier KRUTH www-psyaviah-com - 28 -

On the 25th of September, 35 years ago The Klinik released 'Plague'! DID YOU KNOWTHAT… It’s been exactly 35 years since electro-industrial band The Klinik released their second full albumPlague (Antler 065 -Release date: 25.09.1987).Originally released as a gatefold vinyl it was re-releasedagainbyAntlerRecords as abonusCDwith the releaseofthe1991Time (Antler 5040) album. Plague,with menacing sounds and engaging songs, can be seen as one ofthe darkest albums released by the band. Marc Verhaeghen’s uncompromising and unpredictable programming, sampling and synthmanipulation revoke apocalyptic visions while the typical,sometimes hissing,sometimes shouting,vocals ofDirk Ivens complete the dark atmosphere perfectly. Plague (Tracklist) A1World Domination A2Murder A3 NoTimeToWin A4Outside On the 22th B1 End OfThe Line B2 Pictures B3 Into DeepWater B4 Plague of September, 30 years ago Nine Inch Nails released Broken (EP) On the 22th of September,30 years agoNine Inch Nails released its first EPBroken (September 22,1992).The EPwas producedbyfrontmanTrent Reznor and Flood and entirelyconsists ofnew material. The synth-pop style from the band's 1989 debut album Pretty Hate Machine was replaced bya heavier sound that would act as a precursor to their second albumThe Downward Spiral (1994).One of the reasons for this drastic change in sound and stylebeing TVT Records, whohad signed theband,pressuringTrent Reznor to recorda similar synth-popalbumas followup after the success of the previous PrettyHate Machine album.As a reaction to this attempt to interfere with his artistic and creative freedom Reznor secretly started recording with Flood under variousmonikers to preventTVTRecords fromconfiscating and releasing their recordings. In theend,adealwas reachedwith InterscopeRecords to release futureNine InchNails releases. The accompanying short movie Broken,filmed and directed by Peter Christopherson (Trobbing Gristle / Coil /…) and based on a scenario byTrent Reznor,was never officially released due to its extreme graphic content butwas leaked as a bootlegwhich became heavily traded amongst fans. Although the videos were widely censored from television airplay, the songWish made theband win the GrammyAward for BestMetal Performance (1993) while their Woodstock'94 performance of Happiness in Slavery won the same award at the 38th Grammy Awards (1996). Broken peaked at the seventh rankon the US billboard 200 chart. The original release ofBrokenwas limited to 250.000 copies and included two bonus tracks on a separate 3"CD including a cover version ofPhysical,a song originallybyAdamAnt,and Suckwhich Reznor had co-writtenwith all-star industrial band Pigface. AremixEPtitled Fixed (with blue cover) was released late 1992. Broken (EP) 1.Pionion 2.Wish 3.Last 4.Helpme I Am In Hell 5.Happiness In Slavery 6.Gave Up - 29 - 3"CD tracklist (Bonus) 1.Physical 2.Suck www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be

bodYbeaTs producTioNs & neuwerk preseNT: 15.o3.2o23 DE CASINO S T - N I K L A A S - B INFO & TICKETS: WWW.BODYBEATS.BE www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 30 -

calendar 08.10 BODYFEST @ Nalen, Stockholm [SE] Portion Control (uk) Test Dept (uk) Emmon (se) Celldöd (se) Zweite Jugend… 08.10 PARTIKUL + THE LOGIC SOCIETY @ Djingel Djangel,Antwerpen [BE] Deuren : 19u30 Inkom : €5/€8 14.10 BLACKWEDDING @ Eventhouse Brughia, Sint-kruis (brugge) [BE] Lights Of Euphoria, Reaper, Diskonnekted… 15.10 BELGIAN ELECTROWAVE @Wommel, Wommelgem [BE] Dreadfool, Herrnia, Stin Scatzor, The Ultimate Dreamers 15.10 HONEYMOON COWBOYS @ De Klinker Club, Aarschot [BE] Honeymoon Cowboys Cd Release Show 15.10 NEWWAVE PARTY VII @ De Klijpe, Ronse [BE] Dj's Vanonoise & Xavier 22.10 WAVECRASH @Acu, Utrecht [NL] 22.10 ARBEID ADELT @ De Stegel, Kinrooi [BE] Arbeid Adelt ASlice Of Life Roza Parks 22.10 EBM - ELECTRO - INDUS NIGHT @ Le Garage , Liège [BE] Akalotz - Dreadfool - Deleritas - WÜlf7 - Dj Blackwaver 26.10 XENO & OAKLANDER @ BODIES & BEATS @ Fetish Café, Antwerpen [BE] Afterparty By Dj Borg 29.10 ACTORS + LEATHERS @ Ragnarok Bree, 3690 Bree [BE] 29.10 THE IMAGINARY SUITCASE @ La Grange, Casteau [BE] 31.10 NIGHT OF THE DANCING DEAD @ Scenario Club, Bruxelles [BE] Partikul, The UltimateDreamers 31.10 MIXED VISIONS' HALLOWEEN @Aalmoezenier, Antwerpen [BE] Dj's Philter & Guest Gdw (ic 434) 31.10 BODIES & BEATS VI - HALLOWEEN - RABBITS WEAR BOOTS + BRAINQUAKE @ FetishCafé, Antwerp [BE] 03.11 WROCLAW INDUSTRIAL FESTIVALXXI @ Sala Gotycka / Gotic Hall, Wroclaw [PL] Wif - From 3November To 6 November 2022 Confirmed Artists: Esplendor Geometrico [esp] Scorn [uk] Ramleh [uk] Spiritual Front Play 'armageddon Gigolo' [it] Thorofon [d] Simm [it] Synapscape [d] Jfk [uk] Iugula-thor [it] Kleistwahr [uk] Eraldo Bernocchi/gary Mundy - Broken Masses [it/uk] Gewalt [d] Frett [pl] Rongwrong Play „historia Alfonsa Czahora' [pl] Sshe Retina Stimulants [it] Morgue Ensemble [it] SchrÖttersburg [pl] Egoist [pl] Dule Tree [pl] Monument Zero [pl] ZŁeOko [pl] 11.11 A SLICE OF LIFE / THE MARS MODEL CD RELEASE SHOW@ De Klinker Club,Aarshot [BE] + Dj Boo-lee 12.11 THE GALLERY OF THE DAMNED VS THE HOLYHOUR @ The Crossover Music Pub, B-9000 Gent [BE] 12.11 PORTA NIGRA, AUTUMNPASSAGE @ De Klinker, Aarschot, Aarschot [BE] Imminent, Synapscape, Darkwood, Geneviève Pasquier, Mildred In Oblivion + Dj Der Verflüchte Engel 19.11 LET'S DANCE LIKE IT'S PITCH BLACK @ Feestzaal Eldorado, 1851 Grimbergen (humbeek) [BE] +Dj Peter Melis 24.11 OMBRA FESTIVAL@ , Barcelona [ES] 4 Days Festival! More Info on www.ombrafestival.com 25.11 AROMA DIAMORE + KREGEL @ Djingel Djangel, Antwerpen [BE] Deuren : 19u30 Inkom : €12/€15 02.12 BIM XX - DAY 1 - ***20 YEARS BIMFEST***WITH FRONT 242 & MANY MORE! @ De Casino, St-niklaas [BE] Nuclear Sludge (se) / Amnistia (d) / Severe Illusion (se) / The Juggernauts (b) / Front 242 (b) + Afterpart With Dj Borg 03.12 BIM XX - DAY 2 - ***20 YEARS BIMFEST*** @De Casino, St-niklaas [BE] Tc75 (d) / Tilly Electronics (d) / Alvar (se) / Soft Riot (uk) / Potochkine (fr) / Fix8:sed8 (d) / Sierra (fr) /sonar (b) Exclusive Eu 2022 Show! & Test Dept (uk)! + Afterpart With Dj Borg 09.12 THE MARS MODEL, THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS, MISS TETANOS, ONRUST + DJs @Magasin4, Brussels [BE] Fantastique.night Lxiii: The Mars Model (industrial Post-punk), The Ultimate Dreamers (cold Wave), Miss Tetanos (electropunk), Onrust (tantric Techno) + Dj Lisaluv (addams Family) 06.01 SUIR, THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS, KINEX KINEX + DJ SETS @ Le Lac, Brussel [BE] Suir (de - Post-punk), The Ultimate Dreamers (be - Cold Wave), Kinex Kinex (be - Dark Wave) + Dj Sets By Lisaluv (addams Family) 27.01 LAVVI EBBEL @ Djingel Djangel, Antwerpen [BE] 28.01 DE PROFUNDIS @ Le Garage Creative Music, Liège [BE] + Frontmaschine, Zynik 14, Dreadfool, TÖt 04.02 THE BREATH OF LIFE @ Canal10, 7334 Hautrage [BE] Support Act Enid & Kezdown 10.02 RITUAL HOWLS @ BODIES & BEATS @ Fetish Café,Antwerpen [BE] Afterparty By Dj Borg 12.02 ZANIAS @ BODIES & BEATS @ Fetish Café, Antwerpen [BE] Afterparty By Dj Borg 16.02 A PROJECTION, TURQUOISE@ Le Lac, Brussels [BE] + Dj Sets (lisaluv, Misty) 24.02 INTERNATIONAL EBM DAY@ De Casino, St. Niklaas [BE] with No Sleep By The Machine (se) & more tba 04.03 ELECTRO/ INDUSTRIAL TOP 100 @Aalmoezenier, Antwerpen [BE] Dj's Philter (mixed Visions) & Gdw (ic 434) 11.03 EBM BLAST [DIVE - TENSION CONTROL - STURMCAFé - THE JUGGERNAUTS - SYMPTOM ESKALATION] @ Der Kult, Nuremberg [DE] 15.03 VNV NATION - ELECTRIC SUN - TOUR 2023 @ De Casino, St-niklaas [BE] 18.03 THE ULTIMATE DREAMERS + AT NIGHT @ Caliclub, Drogenbos [BE] Release Show For 2 New Ep's: The Ultimate Dreamers (cold Wave), At Night (indie Pop) + Dj Sets W/ Chacha (club New Wave), Lisaluv (addams Family), Misty 25.03 GLITCH PROJECT / RETURN FROM HELSINKI @ Canal 10, 7334, Hautrage Belgique [BE] 22.04 DARKEST NIGHT 2023 @ Jk2470, Retie [BE] 29.04 DARKMAD - DAY 1 - NEW DATE! @Autocine, Madrid [ES] The Human League, Ana Curra, Lene Lovich Band, Psyche, Joolz Playing 'the Stand', James Rays Gangwar, The Arch, Blac Kolor, Karl Hefner AndHugh Lagerfeld, The Juggernauts. Francistein & Accelerated Corrosion, Dj Paradroid, + Darkmad Official Djs: David El Niño Y Chaly Sodiaz Abonos De 2 Días Disponibles Desde La Web: Link: Http://darkmad.es/tickets.php 30.04 DARKMAD - DAY 2 - NEW DATE! @Autocine, Madrid [ES] Is your event not listed here? Shame on YOU! You can add it for free on our website ww.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 31 - www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be

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