DEMI LOVATO - HOLY FVCK (CD / Vinyl / Digital) (Island Records) Holy Fvck indeed! There is a vast array of musical genres encapsulated in the 45+ minutes runtime.80’s heavymetal,90’s grunge,pop-punk,metal,metalcore,progressive rock, gothic rock… It’s all present and breathes freely and naturallyon this record.“Eat Me” is a standout track with its metalcore vibe anda stunning collaboration withRoyal & The Serpent. Another collaboration that shines is the strong opening post-grunge track “Freak” featuring Yungblud. “Help Me” featuring Dead Sara is impeccable in its unabashed brattiness.The title track is reminiscent of 80’s heavymetal and contains yet another amazing vocal performance.The 80’s hair metal feel can be felt throughout the record- “Feed” being another example it.“Holy Fvck” is at times brutal a listen when taken in the context of the life that was lived to birth it, but it serves as a rebirth for an artist who is not afraid to be their true authentic self. [AM] VANGUARD - Spectrum (CD / Digital) (Infacted Recordings) It's a bold statement to make I know but every single second of the album is sheer joy unto the ears. This is Vanguard's 5th record. Elements fromall of their previous records have been cleverly conjured and combined to create what I truly believe to be their magnum opus release. It is one of the freshest sounding synthpop records this year.With addictive pulsating basslines and energetic electronics abounding, how is one to determine a favourite singular track? For me, "Enemy Inside" is a standout track. The vocal harmonies are sublime and the chorus has me hooked every single time I hear it. At 9 tracks, it's clear and concise in its mission to conquer and win over those with an open mind to delve into modern day synthpop.A huge success. [AM] MISERIA ULTIMA - Witch Heart Apparition (Digital) With this new EP'Witch Heart Apparition',MiseriaUltima triggers our hunger for moreby releasing 2 brand newsongs into the world.Their recipe for success and distinctive sound remains: cold melancholic atmospheres, gripping andoften sad melodies combinedwith hard aggressive distorted vocals and powerful dark electro outs. Introspection about mortality,death,and dealing with sudden and permanent separation by loss.An industrial version ofAcylum,a dark-electro-stomper by Siva Six and a similar Venal-Flesk treatment, giving it a very aggressive beat.AlsoNeikka RPM lashes outwith a very heavy version of the song. The old-school EBM-ers from Ad:Key also have their boots stomping over the song.A combination of a dance rhythm section with claps and all the trimmings, and yet old-school enough to enjoy it. Curious if the full album will be a bit heavier than these, for them, somewhat quieter original song versions. (Alfa-Matrix) [JB] SYGO CRIES - In Outside Places (EP (Digital)) (AfterfurchtProductions) www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be 'Out Of This World' starts with an acoustic guitar and penetrating bass, and then slides into a nice sounding dark-wave song.With the necessary flair, a pinch of romance.And what to think of 'Avez-Vous (Déjà)'.What a whopper of a cold-wave song! Sandra Lilidollrage Sena (noise, post-punk band member Lolidollrage) provides vocal support on this track. And then an encore with a hammer postpunk song! We already heard the unblended mix of 'Surrender'.Now, the song can beheard as intended.This is really finger-licking post-punk! This is the Sygo Cries I embrace. The synths get more space, the drum sectiondry and then again inviting your feet tomove.While the guitars drag their way through the song with sharp, angular strikes.Yes... Belgium has something to offer. Yet another band that will claim its place in the post-punk/cold-wave scene. They can, and I hope they will! This EP is so strong itmakes you longing formore! - 14 - [JB] Read full reviews on http://www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be/en/reviews/

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