THE JUGGERNAUTS of some of our closest friends. Kevin/True Zebra did the remix long before he was enlisted inThe Juggernauts. Three years later the band published The Juggernauts Are Coming, a full album with some newversions of the songs released on the EP.Why did you record these new versions? To update the sound of the tracks? Like I said, we barely had the time to finish our first songs to our liking but I guess they evolved a bit during our shows so they maybe do sound a bit updated. Youwrote the lyrics for the album.Where do you take the inspiration to write them? Sadly today’s society is a huge source of inspiration, frustration and disbelief. I think I could write a new song after every late night news TV show. Reality is often more cruel and unbelievable than fiction. You have always beenlinked to EBM, howdo you see the genre today? I grew up with the EBM music of Front 242, Skinny Puppy and Portion Control so why should I deny that legacy … Sometimes I feel sorry when I see bands trying to distance themselves from the “scene” and their past. They seem to have forgotten and/or have no respect for the fans that supported them from the very beginning. These artists mainly exist because of those fans and now these artists ridicule them for not being openminded etcetera.Well, I’m very open minded but shit music stays shit music, get over it! (In case any of my friend artists are reading this, of course I’m not speaking about your wonderful project and music!) But on the other hand I have to admit some EBM fans & bandsare not really contributingto the greatgenre it still is. Let’s be honest… there’s a lot (too much?) ofcrap out there! But hey, there’s still more crap in mainstream and pop music! Kevin Strauwen is part of the band, we knowhim as True Zebra and even interviewed him in the past. How would you describe his contribution to the band? Do you also like his solo work? When Glenn lost his appetite to go on tour with The Juggernauts,we both opted for Kevin to replace himon the e-drums. It soon proved to have been the right choice indeed. Kevin brings a lot of energy on stage while he’s banging those drums.He’s also a great producer with good ears and ideas,which he proved recently by the mixing and mastering of our brand new six track EP FEAR. www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 22 - Today there is alsoTerence Gryson on samplers & synths. How do you think things have changedhaving him? I always wanted to expand the live band because it simply looks better onstage.Terence is mainly responsiblefor the tapestry underneath our live sound, he does backing vocals, sampling and synth parts. Thanks to him our live shows sound more complete and atmospheric. Just like Kevin, he’s also great friend and asset to The Juggernauts You are also a famous DJ in the scene. Do you play Juggernauts songs in your sets? I try to refrain but it depends on the occasion and setting. Sometimes I sin, like if I want to test a new track or when people request one of our songs but I don’t DJ to promote my own music, I DJ because I like to entertain people.And there are already plenty of “other” great bands and tracks to work with I think. :P What are the band's plans for the future? Are The Juggernauts going to save us? Well we just announced the release our long awaited FEAR [EP] (01.12.2022) which will be released digitally as download as well as on a shiny a Digipack CD. A vinyl 12” is also ordered too but sadly the vinyl production delays these days are so huge so it will take some months to have it in our hands I’m afraid. Will the Juggernauts save you? Well, I would love to say yes but look around … stupidity, ignorance and violence seem to gain ground every day but...if you all buyour new EP and start following us on Facebook we will still might be able to do something! Just follow! https://www.facebook.com/TheJuggernauts François Zappa / © El Garaja de Frank Photo © Luc Luyten

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