PARADOX OBSCUR - Intercourse (Cassette / Digital) (Self-released) Intercourse is a two track EP (Even also available on floppydisc but sold at themoment). In contrast toprevious work, the track‘Intercourse’ leansmore towards minimal techno. The beats and melody have a lounge atmosphere.The vocals of both Toxic and Kriistal Ann give it just that little bit of a dark touch. The second song ’Glow’ is kneaded from the same dough but sounds a bit more nice retro-ish. The beats and retro sounding synths create a special atmosphere.Difficult to describe…. This EP shows that their love for hardwareminimal material is still there but with a sort of techno touch. Personally, I'm more of a fan of their earlier, actually their first work, which was pure minimal. Butwho am I... [JB] KILL SHELTER -Asylum (CD) (Metropolis Records) It’s not “Gothic Rock.”Nor “Cyber Goth.”Or “Dark Electro”or “Darkwave”or “Synthwave.”But it captures thewhole of those and more so that when youhear it, you simply think,“this is Goth.” Each song on this album expands into the room like so much thick, charcoalgray smoke. “Time Will Come” opens the album at breakneck speed, unleashing a vengeance for which we knownot the cause.“InThis Place”reverberates and pounds the dark recesses of our minds. “Buried Deep” digs through the top soil in search of subterranean gloom. “Crossing Borders” is a brief, ethereal and haunting interlude as footsteps hasten across sandy, rocky terrain. Then the club-worthy, bombast of “The Necklace” explodes out the speakers. This is perhaps the most powerful track on a powerful album. The US release finishes with a wall of sound in “The Cage,” letting us know that our time has indeed come. [CCM] WULF7- I don't want (Anymore) (CD / Digital) If you really like rawoldschool EBMand haveNOT yet heardofWülf7 then you must have been living under a rock.Fromthe beginning it was clear that it would be a stomping EBMrecord.Titeltrack I don't want (anymore) opens theEP in a very nice way. Morbide follows the by now known recipe: pumpingEBM-beats and vocals witha goal.The Astma-version of Morbide is softer and the vocals are partially cleaned from the thick layer ofdistortion. The message kicks in harder, in a softer way.W.A.W.W.A. continues the stomp.The intro is woven with samples of speeches.For me,besides EBMNation,this is the best track on this release, even though there areno real low points. Last track is a cooperation with T.A.N.K. and is titled Wülf and TANK. Despite the languid tempo, it is still a kind of Sturm und Drang: the beats stick,the vocals conduct.It may be clear that my respect forWülf7is high. What they do for the genre in Belgium and the inspiring way they do it is admirable. Still not convined? I have a garden full of rocks...Pick one tocrawl under... (Self-released) [PD] DEZ MONA - Loose Ends (CD / Vinyl / Digital) A group that keeps modernizing and remaining relevant is Dez Mona. They proved it again.With their album'Loose Ends', they explore a newpath: that of the cosmopolitan. After listening tothe album many times, I think spontaneously about terms suchas sexy, funky,eighties and also (high) energy! ‘Loose Ends’ is thereforea cheerful and danceable album.This can also be seen in the video clips ‘Wicked’ (Frateur dancing on high heels) and ‘Fresh Water’ (dancing in delightful fluo colors). The groove of 'The Power' is one where you don't keep your legs still.This is one ofmy favourite songs.'Loose Ends' is like the cover image: a powerful bouquet of fresh colors where you will have fun diving with your nose todiscover all the frivolous perfumes. [TP] www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 26 - Read full reviews on http://www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be/en/reviews/

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