On the 25th of September, 35 years ago The Klinik released 'Plague'! DID YOU KNOWTHAT… It’s been exactly 35 years since electro-industrial band The Klinik released their second full albumPlague (Antler 065 -Release date: 25.09.1987).Originally released as a gatefold vinyl it was re-releasedagainbyAntlerRecords as abonusCDwith the releaseofthe1991Time (Antler 5040) album. Plague,with menacing sounds and engaging songs, can be seen as one ofthe darkest albums released by the band. Marc Verhaeghen’s uncompromising and unpredictable programming, sampling and synthmanipulation revoke apocalyptic visions while the typical,sometimes hissing,sometimes shouting,vocals ofDirk Ivens complete the dark atmosphere perfectly. Plague (Tracklist) A1World Domination A2Murder A3 NoTimeToWin A4Outside On the 22th B1 End OfThe Line B2 Pictures B3 Into DeepWater B4 Plague of September, 30 years ago Nine Inch Nails released Broken (EP) On the 22th of September,30 years agoNine Inch Nails released its first EPBroken (September 22,1992).The EPwas producedbyfrontmanTrent Reznor and Flood and entirelyconsists ofnew material. The synth-pop style from the band's 1989 debut album Pretty Hate Machine was replaced bya heavier sound that would act as a precursor to their second albumThe Downward Spiral (1994).One of the reasons for this drastic change in sound and stylebeing TVT Records, whohad signed theband,pressuringTrent Reznor to recorda similar synth-popalbumas followup after the success of the previous PrettyHate Machine album.As a reaction to this attempt to interfere with his artistic and creative freedom Reznor secretly started recording with Flood under variousmonikers to preventTVTRecords fromconfiscating and releasing their recordings. In theend,adealwas reachedwith InterscopeRecords to release futureNine InchNails releases. The accompanying short movie Broken,filmed and directed by Peter Christopherson (Trobbing Gristle / Coil /…) and based on a scenario byTrent Reznor,was never officially released due to its extreme graphic content butwas leaked as a bootlegwhich became heavily traded amongst fans. Although the videos were widely censored from television airplay, the songWish made theband win the GrammyAward for BestMetal Performance (1993) while their Woodstock'94 performance of Happiness in Slavery won the same award at the 38th Grammy Awards (1996). Broken peaked at the seventh rankon the US billboard 200 chart. The original release ofBrokenwas limited to 250.000 copies and included two bonus tracks on a separate 3"CD including a cover version ofPhysical,a song originallybyAdamAnt,and Suckwhich Reznor had co-writtenwith all-star industrial band Pigface. AremixEPtitled Fixed (with blue cover) was released late 1992. Broken (EP) 1.Pionion 2.Wish 3.Last 4.Helpme I Am In Hell 5.Happiness In Slavery 6.Gave Up - 29 - 3"CD tracklist (Bonus) 1.Physical 2.Suck www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be

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