A SLICE OF LIFE -Tabula Rasa (CD / Digital) (Self-released) Tabula Rasa. Drifting between gothic rock, post-punk and good old 80s new wave but on top of that a rollercoaster of rawemotion,marinated in the ingredients of The Cure, Joy Division,The Sound and the like. It’s the band's second achievement, containing 12 songs and a remix by Coraline as an extra gift.‘Two FacedMan’ opens the album and his, Dirk Vreys, great voice does what it's supposed to, wrapping you in. While guitars precariously creep in the background, a growling bass-line and a post-punk/shoe-gaze vibe completes it all. What makes Tabula Rasa even stronger is the variety. ‘Sweet Darkness’ gives the guitars the lead role. Then we get some (post) punk vibes at ‘Matterhorn’,while ‘Seven Days’ is more reminiscent of The Curemaking it an excellent gothic track. So I say goodbye – to my favourite times – you won't be forgotten – in these blood-shattered rhymes”… resounds in the painful and compelling ‘Goodbye’. ‘Anywhere But Home’ ismore of a happy song,with an indie scent to it.Andwhat about a bit of nostalgic eighties feel like Billy Idol once brought it. Well,‘Run For Cover’ has fragments of this feel. ‘Fortress of Solitude’ is slow, where an intoxicating piano accompanies you on a lyrically not so cheerful date. ‘Animal Instinct’ has you merrily shuffling your legs across the dance floor.Cunningly strong sounding,varied and above all finger licking good! After each listen, your love for this album will grow! [JB] THIS VALE OF TEARS -This Vale Of Tears (Vinyl) (JE M'EN FISH) This self-titled demo which was originally recorded at Rockfabriek in Brussels and released in 1994 as a DIY tape only, found its way onto a nice colourful 12' vinyl disc. I must admit I was a bit skeptical when I got this record in my hands... but when the needle dropped it only took a few seconds to remind me how good this band actually was! Even though I've slightly grown out of the doomy Goth-Rock scene in the last decades I likewhat I hear on the record. I musthave the original tape lying around here somewhere but man, did I forget how good these songs were! Of course it's clear the perfect remastering took them to another level.The cunning programming fromTom,the 'sister' like guitar play between Bart Van Laeken (Lizard Smile) and Johan Peeters, the thundering basslines by Albert Van Onckelen and the übergoth vocals by Eric Duffeler seem to blend perfectly into six magnificent Goth-rock tracks! Are you into Goth? Well then, don't hesitate or youwill be too late! Only 200 copies have been pressed! [FG] KMFDM - Hyena (CD / Vinyl / Digital) (Metropolis Records) 'All 4-1' the first track on this album seems to have all KMFDM ingredients one would expect and gives us a little bit of hope about what is going to come disc.... alas it will turn out it was in vain. The second track 'Rock & Roll Monster' is an instant turn off. In the next track 'Back Hole' Sasha Konietzko's partner (in crime) Lucia Cifarelli tries to boost our motivation to keep listening to this album... and she succeeds rather well... However 'Hyena', the preliminary single of this album had already brought down our expectations a bit with its average rock and roll song feeling and sound.'All wrong -But Alright' is driven by non-inspiring jungle / drum n bass rhythm polluted with yanking guitar solos... The Terror continues on 'Blindface' more yanking and screaming guitars enhancedwith...hammond organs...the horror.'Deluded Desperate Dangerous &Dumb', an uptempo track with some KMFDM doing some yodeling! I kid you not! In my honest opinion this should have been released as a side project album,not as KMFDM! But hey, I hope for themthe sales of this album will prove mewrong! [HH] www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 6 - Read full reviews on http://www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be/en/reviews/

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