SHE 1 - HIM 2 She 1 · Him 2 are Evan Nave (Lestat/PKS) and Cassie Bishop (Shy Moon), an alternative electronic duo from Cleveland, Ohio. They’ve recently released a cover of the David Bowie classic, “Fame”. We’re grateful for their time for this interview. Thanks so much for the interview. Could you give us a brief background and meaning behind the name? Evan – Sure thing. I was looking for a way to represent Cassie and I mathematically. The beginnings of an equation jumped in my head and what started as She 1 He 2 transformed into She 1 · Him 2. The added bonus to the name is that it can be said as “She won, him too.” As we work toward our first 4 song EP in 2023, the title will finish the equation with “Equals Them”. www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be - 8 - Your latest release is a cover of David Bowie’s “Fame”. Why did you choose that particular track and which of his other recordings had the biggest impact on your lives? Evan – All David Bowie has a huge impact in our lives. Fame in particular is super important to mebecause my mother and I used to dance to it in our living roomevery night together. David was the first “different” pop figure for me and really made me feel like there were others out there doing and being the things that I wanted to be.

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