Considering the fact that Front 242’s singer Jean-Luc de Meyer was rushed to hospital and treated due to critical health condition in spring this year, it seems like nothing less than a miracle that he entered the stage again only few months later. Shows were cancelled, the alarming news of the frontman’s serious illness spread like a whirlwind. Despite that, the band scheduled two shows for July at Ancienne Belgique in Brussels in order to celebrate their 40th anniversary –postponed from2020 due to the pandemic situation. Nobody knew if this was really going to happen – but it did! On July 8th and 9th, the EBM pioneers were back on stage! The Ancienne Belgique was jam-packed, both singers apparently in top form. Only apparently? Indeed, as Richard 23 confirms! And he should be proven right: they not only played these two gigs, but countless shows after that, including the “Black To Square One”-tour in North America this fall, kicking off in Pittsburgh at the beginning of September and leading the band to destinations such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, New York and Boston, “including cities rarely, if ever, visited”, as the official Facebook account of the band stated. For both of the latter shows, Front 242 were accompanied by Portion Control just as Revolting Cocks only for the New York gig at Cold Waves X. 19 shows in the USA, followed by the final six ones in Canada mid ofOctober. Even though –rumours that the band might be on an inofficial farewell tour are spreading, fueled by social media statements of the band, such as “this is the last time Front 242 will do a tour of the US and Canada. Don't miss the opportunity to come to these shows...!” or “The members of Front 242 have revealed that this falls campaign will be their FINAL North American tour. Official statement coming soon. Catch the men one last time and celebrate 40 years of iconic electronic body music”. Photo © Luc Luyten - 17 - www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be

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