Photo © Luc Luyten Prior to this extensive North American tour leg, our friends of VOLT magazine met the tireless shouter in an hotel lobby on the evening before their gig at the E-Only festival in Leipzig this July, mostly talking about the present and the near future, including detailed plans well past 2023 and possibly even the release of new songs. Here’s an excerpt of what Richard revealed to us: You produced new songs and included them in the live set. These songs and also the new live versions are going back to your original sound quite a bit. Not a little bit! They’re going back as best as wecould do it! So for Front this is remarkable as the band always went ahead instead of going back … There are two reasons for that. First is that we have nothing to prove anymore, to be ahead of the time. We never considered ourselves as ahead of our time or ahead of something. We are just doing our stuff. The rest is for the people to say. So when you’re done after 40 years and it’s been like always ahead of everything at a certain moment, it’s very hard to keep on going at the front. Electronic music in the last 20, 25 years has exploded.There are somany genres, everybody is doing it now.So that’s the second reason: Why shouldwe keep on trying to do the next sound of the future? And we felt that going back to our roots would be something more enjoyable, because I think that the last year we kind of started to get a little bit lost in older versions we once did. So I guess we wanted to restrain everything and put it back to one thing. For us, the best was to go back to our roots.

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