We have nothing to prove! We are just doing our stuff! How many new songs do you have and in which stadium are they? We have a lot of big question marks. We have enough songs, but nothing is completely finished. We’re in the stage where we can start to produce and mix the tracks. And the big talking now is when we’re gonna do this.We have to see ifwe’ll do it ourselves or if we willwork with somebody else. We already worked with two other persons from outside the band, on the tracks you heard live. They actually worked with us on five songs. The problem we have now is to decide the way we will do it. But the material is there. I think it sounds good.And after that we have to decide how many songs we want to make available on the market. If we’re not happy and if we won’t have twelve songs, we won’t release an album. But we can produce an EP or 12”es.The thing is: we have no pressure any more by a company or a career to make. - 19 - We do things the way they come. To be honest, we’ve been working on these tracks for years, but we take our time. Talking about directions: rumours have it that this is some kind of farewell tour. Is that true? Not yet! Cat Se Read the full interview here: www.volt-magazin.de FRONT 242 will perform on 2 December at BIMFEST St. Niklaas, Belgium. More info & tickets: www.bodybeats.be www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be

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