THE JUGGERNAUTS With their new brand new EP FEAR to be released towards the end of this year and the announcement of their appearances at renowned festivals like the 20th anniversary of BIMFEST (Belgium), the Out Of Line weekender (Berlin), DarkMalta (Malta) and DarkMAD (Madrid), we thought it was about time to interview Mr. BORG, head and voice of the Belgian rejuvenators of Electronic BodyMusic,The Juggernauts! When did you get interested in EBM and howwas it? I started out as a DJ somewhere in1984. My first records were from The Human League (Travelogue),The Sisters Of Mercy (The Reptile House), Joy Division (Unknown Pleasures),Liaisons Dangereuses and…Geography and No Comment from Front 242. At that time it was normal to have broad taste … maybe also because there were only a couple of good bands around, so you didn’t have much choice. There was still no oversupply like today. Anyway, I soon got more and more hooked on the strong beats, sequences and raw vocals of EBM. You started as a DJ in the 80s in a club called The Phantom that you ran with your brother, right? How do you remember those days? These were the mid 80s, THE heyday of New-Wave & the www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be prime of EBM music. It was a wonderful time! At our club we even hosted live shows from The Klinik, Insekt and many more! One of the first bands you founded was The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, right? Honestly, I could not find any more info about this. Was it also EBM? Did you record anything with them? Yeah well, there was not really any internet at that time but we did releasea tape with The 4Horsemen OTAwhich even had some local success. At that time I was, and secretly I still am, a huge fan of The Bollock Brothers so I decided to callmy first band after their legendary album of the same name. Anyway, I looked up my copy for you to check the track list and to my surprise this tape did indeed already have a decent amount of EBM tracks and ingredients on it! Thank you for the flashback! Another band you started was The Lance of Allotment. With them you released only a cassette. Can you please tell us more about this project? Due to some line-up changes, the band morphed fromThe Four Horsemen OTA into The Lance Of Allotment at the beginning from the 90s. We played all over Belgium and supported bands like Dive, Insekt and The Neon - 20 -

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