Let’s leave the love dramas and (fake) feel good theme to pop music and the brain dead Tik-Tok generation. Paraphrasing Zappa - does humour belong in EBM? Who the fuck is Zappa? I guess some dancing fool smelling like Vaseline? Anyway, why not!? Humour should belong everywhere at any time! It makes life a bit more bearable, doesn’t it?! I love the way Sturm Café plays with humour for instance. This being said, I personally sometimes have the feeling it can get too much / stupid / cheesy.Let’s leave the love dramas and (fake) feel good theme to pop music and the brain dead Tik-Tok generation. With The Juggernauts I want try and keep it a bit more serious…and that’s why I created my crazy alter ego band Porno Karaoke...I need to let go of my craziness sometimes too! Judgement.And yes, this tape smelled very EBM-like too! You were part of theKlinik from 2009, howwas it? Later you collaborated with Dirk Ivens in other projects doing the "technical stuff." Is it the same that you do with Absolute Body Control? Before 2009 I was already the resident sound engineer for all ofDirk Ivens'projects,includingThe Klinik.So whenMarc Verhaegen became to ill to tour anymore, Dirk asked me to join himon stage.And so I did from the 2009Tinitus festival in Stockholm, Sweden until the very lastThe Klinik show in Berlin in 2014.Together we playedabout 30 shows all over the world, again a great chapter in my musical career. And then finally, The Juggernauts. The band was born after meeting Glenn Keteleer. How was it? What urged you to create a new EBM band? Well, I was forced to quit another band I was a part of at that time but I still had so many ideas and plans in my head. I decided the time was ripe to have my very own project again. I met Glenn at a The Neon Judgement concert and told himhow eager Iwas to start a new (EBM) project. Some days later I was invited to his studio and we recorded our first ever single / track ‘Phoenix’. It took us just one afternoon. - 21 - What inspired you for the Juggernauts look? Marvel comics or just mythology? I’m not a Marvel fan so I would go for mythology. Iwanted to look dark, doomy and futuristic but to be honest … the band’s name and outfits were also inspired by Call of Duty, a game I played on my PlayStation at that time. At one point in this game these enemy Juggernaut soldiers came charging at you, scaring the shit out everyone because these fuckers were so very hard to kill! How did you approach the composition of the first EP? Did you try to bring something newto the style? Our first recording and single Phoenixwas picked-up by the Berlin Out Of Line records and ended up on one of their compilations called “Awake The Machines”. Soon after gig requests began pouring in so we almost didn’t find the time to sit down together to write and record new songs. That’s why the label suggested having some remixes on our first EP so we could at least release something and had something to sell while touring. I’m not going to claim we did something new, we just used all our experience and influences but also tried very hard not to fall in the copycat trap. The EP came with remixes by True Zebra (logical selection), Plastic Noise Experience, Implant and Spetnaz.Why did you choose these three bands? I guess they are also friends of yours. Since I’m not a big fan of todays remixes I decided IF we have to have remixes on our first EP it could well be those www.peek-a-boo-magazine.be Photo © Luc Luyten

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