DID YOU KNOWTHAT… DIE KRUPPS members'side project, DIE ROBO SAPIENS, launches debut album in October! After a couple of teasing EP and video clip releases, the Belgian Alfa Matrix label today announces the full length album byDie Robo Sapiens,theultimateEBMprojectbythemembersofDieKrupps.“RoboSapienRace”willbe releasedbytheendofOctoberona fanedition vinyl (with lots of extras such as a DJ turntable slipmat),as a limited 2CD box set pressing and as a download. Behind Die Robo Sapiens we find Die Kruppsmembers Jürgen Engler plus RalfDörper andMarcel Zürcher. The10-track“RoboSapienRace”albumoffers a blendofminimal,vintage andpowerful synthmusicwithharder,stronger and angrier EBM assaultsmadeoffat and rippingbasslines,powerfulGermanvocals andupbeat synth sequences.Theartworkwas renderedbythe talented Japanese designer Tomoki Hayasaki. JürgenEngler:“The idea for uswas tohave anoutlet for songs that couldn’t be used in aDieKrupps context.The use ofguitars inDieRobo Sapiens music being taboo,in a way,it’s a return to our electro roots but with a twist.Imagine the Duesseldorf sound of Kraftwerkmixed with hardDie Krupps EBM.This combination of styles has been spooking aroundmybrain for awhile and it was time to put it into action.” The album’s first pressing comes out as a limited deluxe double CD Digipak containing a bonus disc featuring each album song remixed by an impressive list of electro artists such as Sebastian Komor, Orange Sector, Plastic Noise Experience,Metroland,Aiboforcen,Ad:Key, Implant,Aesthetische,Kant Kino and Cubic. The albumalso gets released on vinyl format as a fan edition pack limited to 333 units worldwide including the 10-track albumon black vinyl in a deluxe gatefold packaging (with full lyrics) with a bonus DJ turntable slipmat,a pagemarker and a numbered postcard,plus the new20 track“Sounds FromTheMatrix023”label CD compilationwhich,for now,is exclusive to this release. Videos: TanzMit DemRoboter (https://youtu.be/8xOmewEsShg,official video clip) Teufelskreis (https://youtu.be/e7aAW3tTpEc,static video) Fred Gadget - 25 -

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